Our history


Wolt is founded in Helsinki, Finland 💙


We launched our service in Helsinki with ten restaurants.

By the end of the year, our small but amazing team expanded into Turku – our second Wolt city in Finland 🎉


The beautiful city of Tampere joined the merry bunch of Wolt cities at the start of the year 🤗

Square: HQ office: working together photo

Our team and the number of cities kept growing! Welcome Espoo, Oulu and Jyväskylä 🚀

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We expanded into Kuopio, Vantaa, Lahti, Vaasa, Pori and Rovaniemi!

A breathtaking year full of new city launches with much of Finland turning blue 🚙💨

November 2018 - Rovaniemi soft launch day - Team Finland meeting Santa (The one and only).JPG

While opening five new cities, our Wolt family kept growing so rapidly that we found ourselves in multiple offices as we couldn't fit into just one (and not for the first time!) 🤯

Wolt One 2019.jpg

Many retailers joined Wolt – along with our very own grocery store, Wolt Market. That opened for business in April, helping our customers avoid contact during the difficult Covid-19 times 💙

WoltMarket_people 7.jpg

In total there were 33 Wolt cities in Finland!

We kept expanding rapidly into retail, making it possible to order anything you need from Wolt 🛍


Our team continues to make cities better places to live – and we have plenty of fun doing so. 😍

Stay tuned for more!

Working in the office

Our plans for 2023 are big! We'll expand our services and retail portfolio even further. We'll also focus on Wolt+, our new monthly subscription program, which allows our customers to save on delivery fees! 🎉

finland christmas party

Sneak peek at our HQ

Interested to see where we work? Take a look at our new office. ✨

Product: Juan, Data - portrait
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Product: Juan, Data - portrait
Portrait - pink background.jpg
Portrait - green background.jpg
Portrait - purple background.jpg
Portrait - blue background.jpg
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Hear it from our people

“I love logical problem-solving, and almost everything we do is about solving very challenging design problems.”

— Annu-Maaria, Principal Designer

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"I was intrigued by Wolt’s story of starting from the Nordics and expanding into some tricky markets out there. I wanted to know the secret!"

— Kent, Director of Product

Author: Kent, Product Director

"Facing a really complex problem to solve, the one that requires a lot of digging and takes a lot of time, and then coming up with a solution? This is the “designer's high”."

— Jan, Design Lead

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"Being embedded in product teams, I get to learn from developers, data scientists, and product leads. It’s valuable to get different perspectives to improve my own work."

— Vera, Product Data Analyst

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“Working in the Security team is great because we have a bird’s eye view of everything going on. There’s never a dull day at Wolt.”

— Mikko, Information Security Specialist

Product: Mikko, Security

“Working at Wolt has helped me to understand how many things need to work well together in order for us to make it happen, and so that you get your pizza on time!”

— Masha, Product Motion Designer

Square: profile pic masha

“We have a very customer-centric approach to security. We always focus on what’s the best possible way to help our teams out and how we can scale our solutions.”

— Jorden, Application Security Engineer


“Wolt is a great environment for screwing up, learning from that, growing, and moving on to do things better. We never blame anyone for mistakes, we just make sure we can learn from them.”

— Kimbo, Android Developer and Android Competence Lead

Kimbo - cover image

"I never really felt like I’d be ‘just an intern’ in any way. From the beginning I was involved in our team’s projects and I worked closely with my team."

— HyeSoo, Front-end Developer

Product: HyeSoo, front-end developer

"Although there are always individual interesting topics that come up, the most interesting task, to me, is the never-ending process of writing code intended for long-term maintainability."

— Kristian, Competence Lead

Kristian, Competence Lead

“Although our team is distributed in five different cities in four countries, I feel like I am still able to socialize with my team in the same way as if we were in the same office.”

- Mila, Backend Engineer