For us, culture is everything

The things we believe, the values that guide us and the way we treat each other. From day one we knew we had to get it right.

Why work at Wolt?

At Wolt, we’re about getting things done.

You’ll probably enjoy it here if you like taking ownership, developing yourself and being around friendly, humble and ambitious people.

We work hard to make cities into better places, and it’s pretty cool seeing us grow every week. If you’re passionate about building things that just… work, Wolt might be for you.

Actions speak louder than words

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We take ownership beyond the obvious.

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We do common things uncommonly well.

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We think big but stay humble.

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We do right by people, we treat others kindly and justly.

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Will to learn

We recognise that if we don’t learn, we don’t stay still but fall behind.

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Will to teach

We remember that Luke was Yoda's greatest achievement.

What it’s like working at Wolt

At a company gathering, we asked people what they thought about life at Wolt. Here’s what they said. 

We’re committed to diversity, equity and inclusion

We want to have all sorts of people in our team – people like you and me, and people different from you and me. Whether it’s gender, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation or religion, we try our very best to offer equal opportunities for everyone.
Diverse teams add a richness of ideas and viewpoints that benefit us all. And we’d like to keep it that way.

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