Sales & Merchant Operations

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We’re the ones who build relationships with all the businesses on the Wolt platform. That means every single merchant from restaurants, retailers and grocers to B2B partners and corporations – we do everything we can to help their businesses thrive.

We take good care of our partners and make sure they get the support they need – from the first time we meet and then throughout the rest of our partnership.

But that’s not all. With merchant experiences being one of our top priorities, we have both partner-facing and back-end teams working on things like building platforms, integrations and setting up our commercial tools.


Our core focuses

Field Sales

We’re known affectionately as the ‘hunters’ of Wolt. We go from door to door, finding the best merchants to start our negotiations with.

Inside Sales

We use our charm to close deals and get things done in the most efficient way possible.


To set ourselves up for success, a lot of it comes down to preparation. So our top priority is making sure our merchants are on-boarded smoothly and efficiently – giving them the best possible experience from day one.

Account management

A great partnership requires an ever greater relationship. And so it's our job to ensure we work closely with merchants to really help their businesses thrive.

Merchant strategy & operations

The ‘central’ team is all about enabling local teams to scale and grow. We do this by driving efficiency and implementing tools – as well as building best practices and global playbooks.

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Wolt office people
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Wolt office people
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Wolt office people
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Wolt office people
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What we’re working on

Creating world-class merchant experiences

We want our merchants to grow their businesses on Wolt and to have a great experience with our merchant products to help set them up for success.

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Expanding the Wolt brand to new countries and cities

We strive for growth and aim to help merchants of all sizes deliver their goods to as many people as possible.

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Building excellent sales teams

Who are dedicated to helping merchants find success in their city.

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Why choose Sales at Wolt

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Shape the future of eCommerce

Whether we’re working with SMBs or larger enterprises, we help them take their business to the next level while helping shape the future of online shopping. We do this by getting the best merchants on our platform – taking us one step closer to our vision of a shopping mall at our customers’ fingertips

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Carve out your own career path

Our sales teams are constantly growing and launching new verticals. For example, when Wolt decided to expand from restaurants to retailers, we created our very own retail sales teams. This gave plenty of opportunities for our people to move internally, across teams and even from local to global roles. So the choice is yours! 

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Build. Optimise. Scale. Repeat.

While we have some solid foundations, things are constantly changing. We rarely have a plug and play approach, and that means we’re always building something new.

Hear it from our people

The people from our team come from all walks of life and have wonderful, unique personalities. It's a welcoming environment for extroverts, introverts, and everyone in between. There's no one-size-fits-all salesperson here. Our willingness to help and support each other unites us all.

- Meltem, Inside Sales Team Lead, Germany


Wolt is young, ambitious, and always on the lookout for new opportunities, creating an incredibly inspiring work environment. The flat hierarchies encourage direct communication and enable us to make decisions and implement our ideas swiftly.

-Jonas, Sales Team Lead, Germany


At Wolt, I have had a chance to grow vertically and horizontally, which I'm grateful about. This is an excellent environment to develop skills and build a career in sales in a truly global set-up. I can guarantee that it won't be boring here.

- Dana, Head of Sales, Kazakhstan


At Wolt, I don't always know what the next chapter will be, but that's thrilling; I believe the future holds the best journeys. I'm constantly looking for new opportunities to learn and grow, whether taking on new projects, expanding my team, or exploring new markets.

- Kyriakos, Regional Sales Manager, Greece