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Andrés Salom

Apr 14, 2023

Calling all sales people – come shape the future of delivery of everything

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Our promise is to have anything delivered to your doorstep in 30 minutes. To truly get there, we need brilliant salespeople to help with the anything part. 

When you think about Wolt, you’ll probably think about a catalog of restaurants and shops from where you, as a customer, can get food and goods delivered to your home quickly. That’s right!

In addition to being a B2C company, we’re increasingly a B2B player. We support merchants of all sizes in handling their online business efficiently by building a wide range of tools for their use. Beyond that, we’re constantly building new technologies (e.g. fintech) and rethinking last-mile delivery.

Sales is at the core of our business

Currently, we have around 6 sales teams and 800 people working in versatile sales and merchant-related positions. Spread across countries, they form a strong task force that drives sales, growth, and customer success efforts.

Right now, we’re looking for people who are in the driver’s seat in negotiating, closing, and executing deals. We’re looking for those who add value to merchants and figure out the best ways to help their businesses thrive. We’re looking for builders who are ready to experiment with things to develop our sales processes in new ways. Could this be you? 

Wolt operates in 23 markets and over 400 cities, and we’ve gone way beyond restaurant dishes. We work with tens of thousands of non-restaurant venues, which is growing constantly. This said we can’t forget that each venue has unique needs. This is where our sales team comes in. 

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Where you’ll take us Our mission is ambitious. We’re building a shopping mall into your pocket: we want to improve our selection, and we want to get the best venues on our platform. Here’s what you’d do: 

  • Build strong selection across cities Something essential is missing from our selection? Let’s get it. The sales teams ensure we have a selection of top-notch partners in each area we operate in, making people’s everyday lives easier.

  • Own the merchant experience We want things to work smoothly for our partners. The sales teams make sure we get there by laser-focusing on customer success, working closely with product and operations teams.

  • Boost local business Our goal is to bring more sales and customers to our merchant partners. The sales teams find the right solutions for our partners, helping them to succeed. And that’s at the core of what drives our success, too.

It’s a moving train, and this is what you’d be jumping in to:

  • Shaping the future of eCommerce – Whether we’re working with SMBs or larger enterprises, we help them take their business to the next level while creating the future of online shopping.

  • Ability to carve out your own career path – Our sales teams are constantly growing and launching new verticals. For example, when Wolt decided to expand from restaurants to retailers, we created our own retail sales teams. This gave plenty of opportunities for our people to move internally, across teams and even from local to global roles.

  • Chance to build something new and leave your mark – While we have some solid foundations, things are constantly changing. We rarely have a plug and play approach, and that means we’re always building something new.

Got excited? Have a look at our openings and drop us a line. We’d love to hear what you’d bring to the table. 


Andrés works as the Head of Global Merchant Strategy & Operations. This team makes sure that country merchant teams have the right tools and data to make their operations smoother and more efficient. We also share learnings and best practices between countries and do the best we can to bridge the gap between product and our rockstar countries.


Andrés Salom

Head of Global Merchant Strategy & Operations

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