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Oct 30, 2023

From Sales Manager to Team Lead: Jonas' Journey in Building Wolt's Success in Germany


As part of our ongoing commitment to spotlighting the incredible individuals who contribute to Wolt's success, we bring you an interview with Jonas, a key member of our German Sales Team. Jonas has played a pivotal role in the growth and expansion of Wolt in Germany, and he has risen from a Sales Manager to a Team Lead during his journey at the company.

Wolt is a place where dedicated professionals like Jonas find a platform for personal and professional growth. Jonas shares his experiences, challenges, and successes, providing valuable insights into the dynamic world of sales at Wolt and the numerous opportunities it presents. Join us as we delve into Jonas' story, and learn how Wolt continues to be a platform for ambitious individuals to excel, shape their careers, and contribute to our ongoing success in the food delivery industry.

Hi Jonas! 👋How are you doing today?

I'm doing really well, thanks! Both in my work life and personal life, I've achieved some important goals, which makes me very happy. I'm also excited about Wolt's rapid expansion in Germany. It's not just about adding more cities but also about how our team is growing, and we've welcomed many new, great colleagues over time.

Could you tell us a bit about yourself and your journey at Wolt so far?

I'm Jonas, 25 years old, and I've always been passionate about sales. Before joining Wolt, I worked in a different sales field and studied Sales & Management. My journey at Wolt started as a sales manager in western Germany, first in Düsseldorf and later in Cologne. I was able to win over many important restaurants and consistently ranked among the top performers in Germany, which made me proud. Over time, I took on more responsibilities, trained new colleagues, and supported sales teams. In July 2023, my performance was recognized, and I was promoted to Team Lead in the Sales Expansion Team. It's been an exciting journey, and I look forward to the future and further developments at Wolt.

What exactly motivated your decision to join the German Sales Team?

I've always appreciated young, dynamic companies and wanted to help build Wolt in Germany. The opportunity to focus on acquisition of the new restaurants was particularly appealing to me. I'm also a big fan of good food and enjoy independent work. When I started at Wolt, the company was relatively small in Germany. We had around 20 sales managers at the time, and today, there are over 100. This early phase of Wolt in West Germany allowed me to build and actively shape many things. My desire to work in field sales has always been strong. I especially value the diverse pitch conversations with people from various backgrounds throughout the day, as it constantly brings new challenges.

Can you describe your typical day and what it looks like for you, whether you're a Sales Manager or a Team Lead?

As a Sales Manager, a typical day at Wolt involves a mix of tasks and activities. Mornings start with organizational work like drafting contracts, obtaining documents, and general administrative tasks. Daily planning and internal meetings are also part of the routine. Lunchtime is an excellent opportunity to reach out to restaurants, involving phone canvassing and in-person visits to engage potential partners for Wolt. Afternoons and evenings often consist of on-site appointments at restaurants, including presentations (pitches) and closing deals. The evenings are suitable for making calls and scheduling appointments for the following days. This part of the day is usually dynamic and exciting.

As a Team Lead, the daily routine changes. It includes team meetings and one-on-one conversations with team members, coordinating launches, monitoring performance, supporting the team, and even hiring new employees. Whether you're a Sales Manager or Team Lead, every day is different and exciting. The company and the industry evolve rapidly, ensuring there are always new challenges to tackle. The fast pace and versatility make working at Wolt particularly thrilling.

What's the most enjoyable aspect of your job?

The best part of my job at Wolt is the dynamic atmosphere of the company. Wolt is young, ambitious, and always on the lookout for new opportunities, creating an incredibly inspiring work environment. The flat hierarchies encourage direct communication and enable us to make decisions and implement our ideas swiftly. Another significant advantage at Wolt is the excellent opportunity for personal development. My own career journey at Wolt is a testament to this. The company encourages us to reach our full potential and supports us along the way.

In the sales department, I particularly value the independence in my work, the chance to be out in the field, and the prospect of performance-based pay. Recognizing good performance is tangible, and there are always fresh and exciting challenges. Every day is different, making the work incredibly diverse. As a Team Lead, I have the opportunity to actively shape Wolt's future. I lead a team and can support employees in their professional development, which personally gives me great satisfaction.

“Another significant advantage at Wolt is the excellent opportunity for personal development. My own career journey at Wolt is a testament to this. The company encourages us to reach our full potential and supports us along the way.”

How does Wolt facilitate your professional and personal growth?

Advancement at Wolt happens in several ways. The company recognizes and rewards good performance, whether through financial incentives or opportunities for promotion. Additionally, Wolt's corporate culture fosters collaboration and mutual support among employees, contributing to positive growth. The dynamic nature of the company allows young and new employees to develop quickly, as Wolt is always open to new ideas and actively encourages personal development.

Lastly, any advice for potential candidates considering a career at Wolt?

For prospective candidates seeking a new professional challenge, I'd suggest taking a close look at Wolt. The company offers a unique opportunity to learn and grow rapidly. Wolt's inspiring corporate culture fosters team spirit, which is a significant advantage in such a dynamic environment. If you're motivated and enthusiastic about the exciting industry, Wolt offers the chance for quick growth and professional development. I didn't anticipate my rapid development, but I'm delighted with my decision to join Wolt at the time.

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