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Mar 8, 2024

Lenka Kmeťová: A tale of two loves

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“The sales job combined my two passions: empowering teams and driving business!”

And with that, we’re off! Meet Lenka Kmeťová, a 27-year-old native of Košice, Slovakia, who is currently Head of Sales for Wolt, based out of the Norwegian capital Oslo.

She begins the rapid-fire conversation by covering her beginnings in Košice, where she attended French grammar school and was in the debating club (remember the drive part?). In the university she studied engineering with a focus on business and administration. Then she was off to Prague to begin her Wolt career. Finally, we travel up to Oslo, where topics covered include the city’s sometimes… surprising weather.

“There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing!” she notes with a smile.

When Lenka ticks off all the roles she has had in Wolt in only five short years – support associate, support shift lead, sales lead, and head of sales – there are two things that you really come to appreciate. 

The first is the broad scope of opportunity that this fast-growing company offers its people, regardless of their background: we’re speaking with a Head of Sales who is only 27, studied engineering, and has already worked in three different countries. And you get the feeling that Norway won’t be her last stop.

“When I joined Wolt in 2019 only 10 people were working in Wolt Czechia. I helped with onboarding courier partners, restaurants, office management, HR stuff – you name it. Then we eventually launched in Slovakia – and also in my hometown, Košice – where my sales career began!” Lenka said.

So that’s clear: Wolt offers its people the chance to learn, grow and work around the world. The second thing you appreciate follows from the first point: those opportunities are drawing in creative, driven dynamos like Lenka.

“I had a strong desire to contribute to building a product I truly believe in. Learning from the inspiring individuals around me has been a key part of my experience.”

“At our core, we believe in staying humble, even as we achieve big things. Our culture and people are what makes us stand out. People here find success but stay approachable and kind.”

A love for sales

By now the drive part of Lenka is firmly established, so it’s time to turn to her other love: empowering the team and closing deals in sales. Her dedication is remarkable, even extending to being an MBA candidate in Psychology, as she notes: “Sales goes beyond spoken words; it's about decoding the nuances of human behavior. There's a deeper layer beneath what people express.”

As she delves into her love of sales, you really see one characteristic surfacing that forms a red thread throughout the entire discussion: a single-minded drive to succeed, especially in a field that can sometimes be challenging. And yes, as a young woman in sales, there were challenges from time to time. But Lenka trusted her instincts and believed in what she was doing. She kept working hard to build the team and secure important partnerships.

"Creating a top-notch work environment has always been a priority to me, and seeking mentorship was a no-brainer – it's how you grow. Leading the team has taught me a lot about myself. I believe in constant self-improvement. It's the key to being the best leader I can be for my team."

One of the things Lenka has prioritized is a healthy life outside of the office. She runs through a list of things that help her keep perspective, including finding quiet moments, yoga classes, cooking, baking, dancing, traveling, and going to the gym.

“I love people who want to help people grow because we need more humility and kindness in the world. Successful and kind people inspire me,” Lenka said.

Even with so many topics covered in such a short time, it’s still appropriate to ask Lenka if there’s anything she would like to highlight that hasn’t been covered so far. 

“I guess I would say that everyone has their timeline in life. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else except you. If you can be 1% better every day, that’s enough. Your journey is entirely yours, so own it, embrace it, and enjoy the ride!"