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May 12, 2023

Meet Sigurjón, the first addition to our Iceland team

Sigurjón - Main

Wolt has officially launched in Iceland as country #24! 🇮🇸

A new country requires a brand new local team. Meet Sigurjón, the first team member of Wolt Iceland who joined the team a few months ago. In this blog, Sigurjón shares some details about his role and why he chose to join Wolt. 💙

Hi 👋 Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hi, I’m Sigurjón, and I'm from Iceland 🇮🇸 I grew up in Borgarfjörður where a part of my family still is. When I was twelve years old, I moved to Reykjavik, and I still live here with my girlfriend. My past work experience was in the fitness industry, where I started my sales career. Since then, I have worked with IT companies, startups, and athletic federations. My hobbies are sports; I am competitive and enjoy watching and playing all kinds of sports in general.

As the very first employee of Wolt Iceland, can you tell us why you chose to join Wolt?

Before joining Wolt, I was just a salesperson, but I wanted to work for a global company. I dreamed of meeting new people all over the world. So when I started job searching, I was aiming for something challenging and a company with more people. The moment Wolt contacted me on LinkedIn, I was a little bit surprised because I just couldn’t believe it. This was meant to be! Since then, I have met such an amazing group of people. I have seen the immense passion that built up the hype. 

"When you are meeting all these people around the globe and you see how humble they are, it shows how the culture is inside Wolt—you cannot help but love it."

As part of the onboarding, I traveled to Norway. Even though I was in Oslo for two days, it felt like I'd been there for a year or something. I got to know everybody, and I felt very welcomed. The number of people I talked with within my first days is unbelievable. And this is exactly what I was looking for—a great global community with a great product to sell. 

Tell us about your position and how your role will help bring Wolt to customers in Iceland.

Launching a new country is always a little bit hard. There are a few things that one must focus on building a strong Wolt culture, getting the infrastructure right, and selling it right. The whole concept we are offering is brand new in Iceland; we have never seen anything like this before. While we already have food delivery companies here, Wolt is much more fun. The courier partners have so much freedom. They can go and earn money, like a freelancer. In my opinion, this will undoubtedly change the community of Iceland. People will see the change immediately. They will see drivers, marketing, and everything in Wolt blue. Plus, restaurants will start marketing, getting revenue, and seeing all the functionalities Wolt will give them. This is not the average delivery platform. We have all these amazing things that we want to bring to Iceland, and I get to be part of it.

What are you most excited about with Wolt coming to Iceland?

I am excited to see Iceland in blue 💙 What motivates me the most is talking to restaurants about all the upcoming work ahead. It’s very rewarding work as I focus on the chance to improve our community. We’ll make it easier for people to order, and we’ll give restaurants a really good opportunity to make more revenue and have a digital presence that some don't even have. And then, they can just spend more time making good food.

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