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Aug 21, 2023

Insider stories: Tips from our recruiter in Germany

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We sat down with Zuzanna Hillard, our Talent Acquisition Partner focusing on sales teams’ hiring to discuss why assignments are beneficial for both candidates and the hiring team.  We also asked Zuzanna what advice she’d give to candidates preparing to enter this stage.

Why do you think assignments are important to include during a hiring process at Wolt? 

The assignment is an opportunity for the candidates to present themselves and their competencies at a practical level and to get to know the team members and managers. The task also provides a gateway into our world, as it consists of samples of the day-to-day work at Wolt.

We encourage the candidates to envision themselves in the role and contemplate any possible challenges they might face. This is particularly valuable when applicants possessing a background in sales may not have worked in this specific industry before.

For the hiring team, the assignment interview presents a platform to objectively assess the sales skills and observe how the candidates respond when confronted with slightly more demanding, real-life scenarios with our restaurant/retail partners. It offers insight into their adeptness at steering conversations through some challenges. 

What does the sales hiring team expect from a candidate in the assignment presentation /role-play meeting? 

The assignment consists of two distinct segments, the first task requires some basic research and underscores the importance of comprehending the nuances of the industry we work in. Our underlying expectation is for candidates to immerse themselves in the role of a Wolt sales team member. We want them to take a look at our potential restaurant partners from a business perspective and consider diverse factors while making the decisions, displaying as well some analytical and logical thinking skills and approaches.

The second part of the interview is a role-play. Candidates need to prepare for two scenarios, both resembling authentic interactions with a potential restaurant partner. The hiring team will evaluate the presentation skills as well as the sales techniques, argumentation, negotiations, and objection handling.

What kind of advice or tips would you offer to candidates preparing for this stage?

First of all, they should remember that they can reach out to the responsible recruiter during the preparation for the assignment interview. As Talent Acquisition Partners, we are committed to providing candidates with briefings and guidance, steering them towards optimal choices. Whenever the candidates have questions throughout the process, we are there to help them.

Secondly, I would advise candidates to try to foresee how the role-play scenarios might unfold and formulate their possible responses accordingly. It is always good to check out the Page for Restaurants to get familiar with our value proposition and to practice “the Wolt pitch” with a friend or a family member before the interview.

What valuable insights, knowledge, and advantages can candidates gain from this stage? Regardless of the final outcome, are there any growth or learning benefits they can achieve from it?

I believe this stage can be a good learning opportunity, especially for junior candidates. With many companies likely adopting similar evaluation processes, preparing such assignments and receiving feedback might be helpful in understanding the hiring decision criteria, assessing own strengths, and defining the areas that need improvement. It is a valuable experience, either for professional development or for future job search.

Our assignment also provides a close representation of the tasks you'd undertake at Wolt and offers a tangible feel for the role. If you enjoyed doing the research and playing out the scenarios with our team, then you know it’s the right job for you!