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May 19, 2023

Meet Mia – Austria’s first team member

Mia S.Z

Wolt has officially launched in Austria as country #25 🇦🇹

A new country requires a brand new local team. Meet Mia, the first team member of Wolt Austria who transferred from the German team a few months ago. In this blog, Mia shares some details about her role and why she chose to join Wolt Austria. 💙

Hi 👋, tell us about yourself

Hi, I’m Mia and I joined Wolt Germany in 2021. As part of my next challenge, I’ll be transferring to Wolt Austria as the very first employee of the sales team. 

My background is in sales and my experience has been mostly in the travel sector. In my previous roles, I have worked as a Market Manager and a Product Manager. In my personal life, I’m passionate about emotional education and how people connect through arts (books, films & music). I just love connecting people by spreading ideas and discussing new theories.

At the time I was looking to join Wolt, the hiring process involved an assignment that would give me a taste of my potential role. I was pretty invested into the assignment as I found it super interesting and it was a completely new field for me. I got to deep dive into one topic and by the end of it, I was thinking like a Wolt employee already. I was psyched!

In the end, I got an offer and I started within the retail team in Wolt Germany. The retail team was not only brand new back then, but the concept of bringing retail merchants onto the Wolt platform was also new in Germany, as our focus started with restaurants. Given I was the second team member in the local retail team, I was lucky to be able to work closely with our global teams to build out the retail function for Wolt Germany. Having the help of international team members across multiple countries was a really nice aspect as I got to share knowledge and learnings with colleagues in other countries who have done this before and were tackling similar challenges. Fast forward to today, I'm working in expansion which means I’m focusing on entering new terrains and building things from scratch. 

Coming from Wolt Germany, can you tell us why you chose to join Wolt Austria?

There were a couple of reasons. First, I was really excited to hear about the new country launch, especially as I enjoy building things from scratch and being challenged. Second, I’m Austrian. I’m originally from Vienna and my parents have had a restaurant here for 30 years, so I know the restaurant scene well. After my maternity leave, I heard about our new expansion plans into Austria and I saw this as an opportunity to expand my experience within Wolt by shifting my focus to the restaurant side of sales. This felt like a natural decision for me as I know Vienna and the restaurant business. But I’m really excited to be building something from scratch in a country where people don’t know us yet. It’s a very different angle, so this is the interesting part. I also haven’t lived in Vienna for the past ten years so it's basically like re-discovering the city.

Tell us about your role and how you will help bring Wolt to customers in Austria.

As part of my day-to-day, I source leads from potential merchant partners and pitch Wolt as a potential partner. Due to Austria being a new market for Wolt, I get to work closely with the expansion team and many of them have been with Wolt since the very beginning. This means they have extensive knowledge and I’ve been lucky to learn a lot from them.

When I think about bringing Wolt to customers in Austria, I believe it’s super important to win Vienna. My knowledge of the local restaurant business definitely helps and while it’s a good starting point, what really makes the difference is that I’m also a local. From experience I know that business owners like speaking to locals since they know their business, understand their customer base and can empathize with them. And with Vienna having a great selection of restaurants from small to medium businesses to one off local heroes, our Austrian customers will be able to enjoy Wolt’s world-class services in combination with the best food. 

What are you most excited about with Wolt coming to Austria?

I’m excited to see how Wolt helps businesses grow and brings convenience to customers. I’ve already seen how Wolt can successfully launch in a new country based on my experience with Germany. We’ve won the hearts of a lot of people in multiple cities and we’ve set the standards of stellar customer service by focusing on human-to-human communication and low response times. I can see for the Austrian market that even if some people might be a little bit hesitant or skeptical at first, they’ll learn to love Wolt. They’ll see that Wolt brings not only value to the businesses but to the customers too. We have this fresh energy and a very cool vibe. Also, our restaurant selection makes an impact – it has a very broad selection of local heroes, the app is super fun and our customer support focuses on world-class service. At the end of the day, we’re here to make a difference and I’m so excited about being part of that. 

Want to join our team to build Wolt Austria together? 

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