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May 2, 2024

Growing together with Wolt: Meet Omri and Nitzan from support


As of today, the Wolt team is over 10,000 people globally in 27 countries and 500+ cities. Around 40% of our team members here at Wolt work in support. We’ve always aimed for world-class customer service and support is at the heart of our operations. Support associates are the cornerstones of making all the magic happen in support. They work at the very core of our operations, communicating with all Wolt users, including customers, courier partners, and merchant partners, providing the best support in the industry. Working in our support is an excellent chance to dive deep into the business and get to know Wolt thoroughly. Many people at Wolt have built their careers within the support team, and next, we’ll jump into the stories of a couple of those people🤩

Meet Omri, Team Lead at Support at Wolt


I’m Omri, a Team Lead in the support team, and I've been here for over 3 years. Back in 2020, I was a psychology student at University, and I was looking for a new job that would nicely fit alongside my studies. Once Wolt launched in Israel in 2018, it was a big deal here in Tel Aviv, where I live. Everything with Wolt was new and refreshing, and it seemed like an exciting environment to work in. I thought, let's apply and try. And so began my journey at Wolt! 

Working in support has enabled a very steep learning curve 

My journey at Wolt has been marked by continuous growth. I began as a support associate, where I learned a lot about customer service in a fast-moving, youthful tech environment. The opportunity to work with the live chat with fast response times made it feel like everything was on another level, which was super interesting. I hadn't seen that approach anywhere else in the market before. All this enabled a speedy learning curve, and within six months, I was promoted to a support trainer tasked with training new associates. Not long after, I took the role of shift lead, being in charge of managing support associates during the shift. After that, I jumped into a shift manager role where I was responsible for managing various aspects of each shift, like support shift performance.  In that role, I was also responsible for the key performance metrics and managing shift leads during the shift. Also, my role included handling escalations such as global tech issues and monitoring courier partner supply and demand. 

I got the chance to broaden my horizons as a team lead 

Once I finished my psychology studies at the university, I was ready for a full-time position at Wolt. After a little while working as a shift manager, I wanted to expand my horizons and learn more about people management, as that was something I thought I would enjoy. Then I got the chance to move into a team lead role which was a remarkable moment in my career. 

The role of a team lead has been a significant milestone in my career, marking a transition into people management. This new responsibility has expanded my perspective, enabling me to understand the bigger picture and the interconnectedness of our support operations. I'm constantly striving to improve, meeting team KPIs, and fostering a supportive and secure environment for my team. These experiences have not only been instrumental in my career development at Wolt, but they’ve taken me to another level in my personal life. 

Wolt is all about the people 💙

What sets Wolt apart is its people-centric culture. Wolt places a strong emphasis on its people. It's a fast-paced tech environment where I've had the opportunity to connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds. In my role, I interact with venues, courier partners, and customers, and it feels like creating a micro-economy within our cities and neighborhoods. Being part of Wolt means growing with the company and contributing to something meaningful – it has been a unique experience.

Meet Nitzan, Group Manager at Wolt


I've worked at Wolt for almost five years. When I started, it had been less than a year since Wolt launched operations in Israel. As a student, I was on the lookout for a part-time job. I heard about Wolt, applied, and got invited to an interview – I really liked the youthful, energetic company vibe. I got inspired by Wolt’s mission of making cities better for customers, courier partners, and merchants.

In support, you have a remarkable impact from day one

In my first months, I worked as a support associate. The environment is great for students like I was then, and adjusting the shifts to my studies was easy. It was a great learning experience for me to work in a support associate role, as one gets to work with the newest technology in a dynamic environment. Being a support associate is exciting – you get to work independently and as a part of a team. Once you are in the chat with customers solving their issues, you must collaborate with other associates or stakeholders; it's teamwork. I also love that you can be yourself at support and bring your personality into the conversations with customers in a light, fun, and not too formal way. At Wolt, we always aim for world-class customer service. As support associates, we can help Wolt succeed by ensuring we provide the best possible user experience for our customers and partners every time they reach out to us. It really makes me feel like my work makes a significant impact here.

A journey from support associate to leading a team of 150+ people 🧗🏻‍♀️

I had an open dialogue with my team lead, who constantly supported me, and it was also evident to me that there was a clear career path to follow once I did a good job. It was apparent that I could do a full-time job here at Wolt after my studies, and my team lead saw potential in me and pushed me towards that.

I constantly wanted to learn more and be more involved. After six months, I got promoted to another role in support: a new trainer role that didn't exist before. Trainers help other support associates with questions and help them during escalations with customers, venues, and partners. I was the first to jump into that role and felt extra committed to doing it right. I did not take anything for granted; I constantly wanted to learn more and set high boundaries for myself. After the trainer role, I became a team lead, and after three years, I became a support group manager, leading eight team leads and 150 support associates overall. I have been in that role for 1.5 years now.

We are all in this together - A joy for seeing others shine

What has kept me at Wolt has been the chance to see team members succeed. I know the support associates are happy when they come to work with a smile on their faces and achieve great results, especially once they learn and grow here at Wolt, as I did in the past. It's gratifying, and I can be a role model for them. I'm most excited to help my leaders be involved and help our support associates improve and succeed. When I see great results like good scores in customer satisfaction surveys, I feel incredibly proud that my team made it and that the customers are happy. My main goal is to ensure our employees, customers, and partners are happy.

What I love about Wolt is that the environment is fast-paced: at Wolt, one month might feel like a year. Many things are happening, and one needs to be able to adjust to changes. One also needs to be tech-savvy, open-minded, and a fast learner. It's not boring here. Wolt is everywhere here, and working at Wolt feels like being part of something big.

If you are excited about working in a high-growth environment, taking ownership, and building your career path at Wolt, we’d love to hear from you! Check out our open Support roles here.