Our people

Dec 4, 2023

Our Support - The glue that holds everything together

Our support

At Wolt, we’ve always aimed for world-class customer service. For us that means to always be one step ahead and going above and beyond to make our customers and partners happy. As we’ve continued to grow, we’ve built Support teams in most Wolt countries to ensure our customers and partners receive live and localized support within minutes. 

Today, Support makes roughly 40% of our whole team here at Wolt, and is the glue that holds everything together. Whether it’s our customers, our merchants or our courier partners, Support is there in case any hiccups occur. 🦸 And quite often even before that actually, as we continuously monitor our operations and proactively reach out to our customers in case we spot any potential delays or other issues. While we might move quickly as a company, our Support is lightning fast! 🚀

Still, helping our customers and partners is not about speed alone – it’s also about heart. The willingness to go the extra mile and turn a “standard” ticket into a memorable customer experience is what explains the 4.7 million “Amazing” reviews we’ve already received so far this year from our customers. A few weeks back, as we celebrated our annual “We 💙 Support” week here at Wolt, we got to hear our Support folks share some of the countless memorable stories of going the extra mile to put a smile on the faces of our customers and partners. To give you a quick sneak peek into a handful of them, check out the video below, starring our Support superstars Daniel (from Czechia), Nutsa (from Georgia), Elli & Joanna (from Estonia), Sabina (from Slovakia) as well as Wolt’s first Support associate Aku (from Finland). 

But in addition to the fine people in this video, who else is in the Support team? 

Our Support teams are made up of a highly diverse mix of people that come from all walks of life. Some being students and part-time workers, some being fresh graduates and others who are building a profession in support operations.

Working at our Support is also an excellent opportunity to really get to know Wolt inside out. For many of our teammates now working in totally different functions within the company, Support has been where they initially started and earned their stripes! 💪 In 2023 only, more than a hundred of our Support Associates have transferred to a new role in, for example, Retail, Merchant, Operations, or People teams. 👏 Not to mention the many paths that can be found within the Support organization itself, including moving from a Support Associate role into a Support team lead or one of our many specialist roles. 

If you are excited about working in a high-growth environment, taking ownership and being part of an extremely motivated team, we’d love to hear from you! Check out our open Support roles from here.