What is Wolt Market?

Wolt Markets are delivery-only grocery stores making shopping incredibly easy. From our stores, you get everything from fresh produce to household items delivered to your doorstep in 30 minutes - with only a few clicks.

Launched in Helsinki in 2020, today we have several dozens of stores across Wolt’s markets. We have dedicated teams from engineering and design to store operations – all pushing the boundaries to deliver an amazing customer experience.

We are still in very early stages of our growth – this means a lot of opportunity to build and see a growth journey within online grocery. 

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What makes Wolt Market stand out?

Customized selection of fresh products

We handpick our products to fit each neighborhood with freshness guaranteed across every store

Speedy deliveries with live tracking

Our fast and reliable express deliveries mean our customers get what they need on demand

Well-stocked and always accurate

We keep our shelves well stocked with great local products and top brands. And our inventory is always up to date

Boosting local commerce

We bring local producers additional sales by selling their products in our grocery stores

Wolt Market origin story

Where it all began

We piloted Wolt Market in Helsinki in 2020. Back then, the Wolt platform was optimized for restaurant food – so we needed to think quickly on our feet. It raised some important questions: How do we design the actual stores? How can we make the Wolt app support groceries and thousands of items in one venue? What's needed on the delivery side? Just to name a few.

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Customers loved it

While we were nervous to go live with a minimum viable product, our customers and partners embraced it. That gave us confidence that we were on to something good and useful here. So we decided to double down on this exciting new opportunity.

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That first supermarket in Finland has turned into 50+ Wolt Market stores across multiple countries, along with hundreds of people working hard to make weekly grocery shopping quick and easy. Our stores are among the most popular venues in all the countries we’re in, which tells us there’s a need for a service like this in the world of online grocery shopping.


The future

We’re building the best customer experience in our field. We’re also expanding to bring the joy and convenience of Wolt Market to more and more people. And as a young company that’s only just getting started, there’s always more things we can improve moving forward.

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Why join Wolt Market

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Shape the future of grocery shopping

We deliver the best customer experience. For us, this means everything must be flawless – including a wide selection of quality products, fast and reliable deliveries and our world-class customer support. It’s the perfect time to make your mark as we shape the future together.

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Solve tough challenges

We believe there’s always room for improvement and we’re constantly seeking feedback from our customers and partners to help us stay on top of our game. This means we’re also constantly working on exciting challenges from everyday operations to long-term projects.

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World-class quality

From our design choices and order handling to the way we build our own internal tools – we take pride in doing common things uncommonly well.


Teamwork over individual grinding

We comes before I at Wolt. We’re building something that hasn’t been built before – together as a team. We treat each other with respect and always show empathy.