The storytellers of Wolt

Our comms and PR team is at the center of everything with touch points across the business. We craft stories that inform and inspire – explaining complex things in a simple and understandable way. It’s not just about communication. It’s about showing the human side of Wolt as a company.

And we’re much more than a support function. We play a big part in shaping what we do and how we do it – guided by our values to keep Wolt on the right track. We’re also a friendly bunch of international people working hard to make a positive impact across the globe.

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Our core focuses

Media relations

We build, maintain and protect Wolt’s reputation as a responsible technology company in the eyes of the media, consumers and other stakeholders across all Wolt markets.

External communications

Together with the operations, merchant and policy teams, we build and support all communications with our partners and external stakeholders.

Crisis communications

Our team is here to help in times of crisis, as well as to strategize and plan any proactive efforts that support our business. We write press releases and do a lot more.

Internal communications

We also cover internal communications, with the key focus of ensuring our diverse and decentralised team of 8,000+ people know what’s cooking at Wolt at all times.

Why choose PR & Communications at Wolt

We’re still building

As our Communication Director once said – we’re still building the house while we live in it. While we have a solid foundation, there’s still lots to build and plenty of ways for you to add your personal touch – everything from improving existing processes to starting brand new initiatives.

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You get the best of both worlds

From high-level strategy to hands-on execution, you’ll get to practice everything you’re good at while picking up a bunch of new skills along the way. We give you 360-degree ownership so you’ll get the freedom to be autonomous in your market. The “comms people” at Wolt get to work on many different fronts and topics every day. You might announce Wolt’s expansion to new cities, discuss platform economy regulation, and advise our internal teams about updates to the Wolt app – all in the same week.

Working in the office

Work with a team of communicators

Who doesn’t love a good sparring partner? In our team, you’ll have many. In a fast-paced environment where there’s always something happening, it becomes second nature for us to continuously share knowledge and tackle challenges together. So while you may have ownership and autonomy, you’ll never feel like you’re working alone.

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Things that matter to us

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As “clarity” is our middle name, we believe the best way to communicate is to be transparent. We want our people, partners and customers to know more about us, including what we do and why we do certain things. This creates trust and we’re all about that. 

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We may be diverse, but one thing that really unites us is the way we take ownership in our daily work. This could mean taking an idea and building on it or challenging the way things are done, asking ‘how can we do this better?’

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Being hands-on

To bring our A-game, we love getting our hands dirty as this allows us to understand what’s really going on. It’s also a great way to learn how to take on big challenges and make ourselves better communicators.

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Willingness to learn and teach

We believe in staying adaptable and covering each other when needed. So that means there are plenty of opportunities where we can either learn or teach new topics and skills.

Hear it from our people

Wolt helps me to develop by giving me the room to maneuver and by showing confidence in what I do. I get support for my growth through challenging projects.

- Mikkel, Communications Manager


When you're surrounded by so many brilliant people, you find yourself in a never-ending learning mode. Wolt enables me to develop constantly, by simply believing in me and supporting my ideas. When I come up with a project I think will donate to the business, Wolt gives me every tool and support I need to make it happen.

- Hamutal, Communications Manager

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