We're all about People Experience

Our people mean the world to us. We want everyone to have the best possible experience while working at Wolt – from their recruitment and onboarding right the way through the different stages of their career. 

And so that’s where we come in. 

We’re a global People team and we care deeply about employee experience. Our goal is to become the best partners to our teams – helping our people grow in their own careers while supporting the growth of Wolt as a company. 

While our individual team numbers are now in triple figures, we still have that small team feeling with a ‘builder’ mentality. In other words, we’re not set on traditional ways of working and so there’s always something new to explore and develop.


Our core focuses

Talent Acquisition

We look after the first part in any employee’s journey – the recruitment. Whatever the role and wherever it's located, we're here to make sure we find the right person and deliver the best experience for every candidate!

People Operations

We’re here to ensure our people get the best possible employee experience from the moment they join Wolt to the moment they leave (although we hope people will stay with us for many years)!

People Development

We’re here to support the onboarding and development of every person across Wolt. While we’ve had some good foundations from the earlier days, we’re constantly looking into ways on how we can level up with our people development programs, learning tools and opportunities for career progression – what can be more exciting than that?!

HR Tech

All great People teams need great technology. Our job is to build and maintain the core HR tech to enable forward-thinking processes and ensure compliance. We want to take advantage of our HR tech, enabling more automation and scalability as well as create superb user experiences with modern systems. Modern HR tech such as Workday and Quinyx are at the heart of our tech stack.

Talent Excellence

Want to know what happens when you bring together talent systems, data and marketing? A whole lot of excellence, that’s what! We’re here to support our People team by providing the right tools, analytics and comms to attract, develop and retain our talent.


Of course, our number 1 role is to pay our teammates accurately AND on time, but we have bigger ambitions than that! We want to deliver a world class employee payroll experience, from “how do I get help” to delivering the best tools to access pay records. We also support the business to make smarter decisions with accurate reporting, as well as the less fun but very important role of payroll compliance.

Compensation & Benefits

At the core, we’re here to make sure that people at Wolt are fairly and equitably rewarded in relation to their peers and the external market. In addition, we look for innovative benefits that make sense for our people and make working at Wolt unique.

Why choose HR & Talent at Wolt

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We’re builders

The more that Wolt grows, the more there is to build. If you like to take ownership and you have a knack of creating things from scratch, then there’s likely a home for you in our team. We’ll always listen to ideas for improvement and innovation.

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We’re global and local

We’re a global team with a local touch. As such, there’s a ton of opportunity for collaborating and sharing ideas with people from different cultures and backgrounds, all over the world.

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We’re modern

We’re not bound by traditional ways of working and there’s minimal ‘red tape’ – essential when being in a state of hypergrowth. This is a team that’s all about getting things done, but of course we still do things the right way.

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We’re both human and tech centric

We believe in keeping the human in human resources. And we also believe that the right technology used correctly can improve the employee experience. It’s all about finding that perfect blend to excite and delight our people.

Hear it from our people

What we do at Wolt is different from anywhere I have worked before, and I have 8 years experience. The team has such a close collaboration with the engineering team, we all get this sense of transparency within.

- Anna, Talent Acquisition Partner

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For the past 3 years, I have learned a little bit of everything while handling different responsibilities. When I joined there was actually not a TA team as we now know. I went from only sourcing to managing end-to-end recruitment.

- Katariina, Learning Program Partner

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