Delivery Operations at Wolt

We’re here to make sure every delivery experience is an amazing one for our customers, courier partners and merchant partners. To do this, we focus on smooth logistics and building an engaged courier partner community. In partnership with local and global operations and various tech teams, we tackle questions like: how to onboard tens of thousands of courier partners efficiently, how to secure the right balance of couriers and orders across different cities, and how our logistics algorithms should be set up to ensure every order is a smooth one.

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Our core focuses

Courier pricing and incentives

We want to make sure our payment model is motivating for all couriers, including part-timers and full-timers as well as new joiners and more experienced ones.

Courier partnership and happiness

At Wolt, we value our courier partner greatly and see them as a big part of our community. We put a lot of effort into making sure our partners feel happy and motivated, enjoying a healthy Wolt/life balance.

Courier supply and demand

The balance between supply and demand is never perfect. But we work hard to make our forecasting more precise and courier partner onboarding more efficient, as well as ensuring we’re ready whenever demand is at its highest.

Delivery efficiency

A world-class delivery experience needs constant optimizations. And it’s up to us to be on top of our game to ensure deliveries are fast and on time. This means having the right mix of vehicles on the road, optimal delivery areas and the right setup of our algorithms. Just to name a few.

Why choose Operations at Wolt

Drive super efficient logistics

One of our biggest differentiators comes from us being able to master low density areas. With Helsinki being the home of our operations, it wasn’t easy to create a smooth operation for an area where there are few people who are spread far apart. But we tackled this early on and have learned along the way – helping us succeed in low density areas. 

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Balance theory and practice

We’re part of a team whose decisions can have a direct impact on the day-to-day life of tens of thousands of courier partners. And so, we hold ourselves accountable for ensuring that we consider every aspect of all potential changes we make. Things might look good based on numbers, but it is crucial to consider the human aspect of every decision as well.

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Pilot. Test. Learn. Repeat.

Although we have a solid foundation for our processes and set ups, we still approach some things as if it were day 1. This means, we give our people the independence to take an idea, pilot it through a handful of countries to gain key learnings, before scaling it Wolt-wide. So whether it’s a big or small idea – we say, let’s go! 

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Learn to master problem solving

No matter what comes our way, we invest a lot of time and effort into figuring out the core of any problem before jumping into solutions. We also love getting out on the streets and doing deliveries ourselves, as we believe this is the best way to understand the experience and needs of our customers, couriers, and merchants. 


Things that matter to us

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Analytical thinking

Our decisions impact tens of thousands of people. And so it’s crucial for us not to rely on gut feel but base all our decisions on rigorous and holistic data analysis.

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Being strategic but also getting our hands dirty

The recipe to a solid strategy includes a handful of curiosity and a whole bunch of learning. If you ask anyone, you’ll hear we’re usually the first ones out doing deliveries so that we can get a good grasp on the whole delivery experience and constantly learn where we need to optimize and improve.

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Taking ownership

We never settle for “good enough”. And so it’s up to us to constantly challenge existing ways of working and to drive continuous improvements by asking ourselves “what can be done better?”. 

Hear it from our people

"It's hugely motivating for me to work in an environment where I am trusted to develop my own solutions and recognized for the impact I create. I was encouraged to join the Global team based on the work I had done for Wolt Denmark, and I am confident that I can continue to find ways to develop both professionally and personally at Wolt."

- Marie, Partner Communications Manager

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"The learning curve has been steep. I’ve been given plenty of opportunities and space to grow. At Wolt, if you find things that should be fixed or improved, no-one is holding you back. “This is how we’ve always done it” is not an argument at Wolt. There is no micro-managing whatsoever, yet I feel I always get the support I need from my team lead and peers."

- Janne, Head of Global Operations

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