More than fancy ads

We’re here to figure out how we can help new people find Wolt and remind existing customers to keep coming back. We’re strong advocates for experimenting and testing, but have a ‘do more with less’ approach. At the same time we’re constantly analyzing large amounts of data in order to help us answer questions like “What's the total cost of getting you to try out Wolt compared to the money you're going to spend on Wolt?". 


Our core focuses

Central Marketing

Made up of business development managers and marketing strategists, our central team focuses on supporting local marketers to meet their key targets and to help them improve the quality and efficiency of all their marketing efforts.

Performance Marketing

Our campaign managers partner with local marketing teams to reach new users and partners through a wide range of paid channels. We help local teams to distribute their budgets effectively so that we can spend efficiently while growing the user base.

Marketing Automation

We're the bunch that focuses on improving loyalty and customer retention by running nurture campaigns via our CRM. Being lovers of automation, we like to keep our eyes open for cool new tech and innovative ideas.


Our goal is scaling the visibility of all our websites including the core product, but creating a great experience for all website users is our passion. No ninjas, magicians or gurus have been harmed in the process of iterating our way to success.

Local Marketing

Being on the ground, we know the ins and outs of what our customers want to see. And so we’re the ones to drive a hyperlocal approach through our marketing strategies to ensure year on year growth.

Why choose Marketing at Wolt

Freedom to test and learn

When Wolt grows, we grow. And that’s every single day – so we’ve got to be comfortable with trying new tactics and learning on the go. We don’t always have a written playbook and so testing plays a big part. 

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Spar with colleagues around the world

Whether you’re in a global or local role, our marketing community is well connected across the globe. We have biweekly syncs, regular knowledge sharing sessions and even community offsites. This helps us learn from each other and share inspiration with peers all around the world.

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Things that matter to us

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Being in a technologically-driven world, we’re all about staying up to date with the latest innovation trends. We push boundaries out of traditional marketing methods and challenge ourselves to stay ahead of the game. 

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Marketing at scale

We’re here to connect with users and partners through the right messaging and the right platforms. And while doing this in a hyper growth environment, we’re constantly sensing how we can use the beauty of automation to help us scale while balancing it with a personalized human touch. 

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Data obsessed

Ask anyone and you’ll hear we’re a bunch of data-obsessed peeps. We make data-driven decisions and invest into initiatives that bring us measurable ROI.

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Creative minds

While we love number crunching, we also love getting to the core of understanding who our target audiences are and how to connect with them. This helps us to engage with new Wolt users and partners as well as to improve retention with existing ones too.

Hear it from our people

"I was able to take responsibility and make independent decisions very early on during my internship. This encouraged me to develop my skills further and ask for help if needed as people always had time for my questions. I also really enjoy the international and multicultural atmosphere at the HQ office and have learned a lot from my colleagues!"

- Ella, User Acquisition Specialist


"Wolt has been amazing at allowing me to grow professionally. After joining as a performance marketing manager, Wolt supported me in pursuing my career passion to be an engineer. Despite having no formal education, Wolt believed in me and now I get to learn the ropes from the best in the business as a data engineer."

- Amir, Software Engineer

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