も⁠し⁠か⁠し⁠て⁠あ⁠な⁠た⁠は未⁠来⁠の⁠.⁠.⁠.  Head of Employer Branding


Warszawa, Poland · Budapest, Hungary · Berlin, Germany · Helsinki, Finland


The Head of Employer Branding will support through our next growth chapter, merging together the employer branding teams of Doordash and Wolt as we continue our exciting integration journey!

We like to do common things uncommonly well. That’s why we’re dedicated to our journey of building an authentic, world-class employer brand that resonates with the most talented people in the market. Over the past few years, our small but mighty Talent Marketing and Employer Branding (TMEB) teams have built the basic foundations of our respective company employer branding and marketing efforts, supporting our hyper-growth to almost 20,000 people. Wolt has a team of 2, Doordash a 1-man band. The Head of EB will help us to merge the teams,  evolve our processes, strategy and org design and get set to support our talent acquisition and retention efforts globally, with laser focus on scalability, cost-conscious attraction programs, automation and return on investment. 

What you'll be doing:

  • Design and Lead our TMEB version 2.0. You’ll be in org design and recruiting mode from Day 1, figuring out the right (lean) resources & skills needed to scalably support our varied Doodash & Wolt business functions, directing commensurate attention to the largest or most complex recruiting areas that are most in need of active, inbound applications. You’ll set the operating model, create the vision and build OKRs with your team. Besides leadership efforts, you’ll be hands-on with projects yourself.

  • You’ll make the right trade-offs between company-wide, long-term branding efforts AND more ‘instant’ performance marketing & advertising that drive immediate hires. Whether helping us attract mass-audiences for our thousands of high-volume, hourly grocery and support associate roles, figuring out how to tap into top-talented sales pools or applying a high-touch approach for attracting the world’s best engineers & data scientists - There  will be huge variety in this role, enabling exposure to large, complex stakeholder groups, each with unique talent attraction goals.

  • You’ll help set up ‘brilliant basics’ - Build the right automation and tooling for less arduous/more streamlined, lower cost, programmatic job advertising; help us get more out of our company career sites; improve our social media presence; guide us on how to elevate awareness of Doordash & Wolt  in markets where we’re not well-known; evaluate and evolve our online & offline events strategy….and more.

  • You’ll lead us towards efficient, results-driven marketing practices: You’ll build efficient processes and a solid service model for how we run recruiting campaigns at scale, with the right measurement model in place to understand what works for us, what doesn’t and where to pivot.

  • Help us understand when and how to think locally/act globally and vice versa. With varying cultural nuances and language needs across 27 countries, you’ll provide expertise on what things can be standardized and what things merit a unique, hyper-localized approach. You’ll solve tricky market-specific problems, such as how to attract ‘Shabbat’ workers in orthodox Jewish communities of Israel, where smartphones are not commonly used and online marketing doesn’t work… how to attract Japanese salespeople, in a market where people are not commonly on LinkedIn.. How to stand out to language-speaking talent in locations such as Hungary or Czech Republic, where  competition for shared service talent is fierce.. Every day a new challenge!

  • You’ll  empower our employees and hiring manager communities to become brand ambassadors - Your team will build toolkits and guidelines that ensure our brand is represented in the right way, while setting people loose to switch on their own local job and careers marketing. Without  the luxury of endless TMEB resources,  you’ll figure out how to get more done through crowd-sourcing an army of volunteers, equipping them to DIY, using your professionally crafted messaging, collateral and approved channels for candidate attraction.

  • You’ll help talent acquisition to form talent communities, identifying top external networking opportunities, events, conferences and affinity groups, establishing links to right talent audiences at the right times, while showcasing our Doordash/Wolt people,  leaders,  culture and career opportunities

  • You’ll support in the evolution of the talent acquisition team’s diversity attraction roadmap, seeking out new and innovative ways to stand out as an employer of choice among under-represnted talent groups.

  • You’ll help solve the conundrum of how to run advertising, marketing & branding seamlessly, as ‘one company’ , despite us still operating with different Wolt and Doordash heritage, logos, languages and overall brands. You’ll partner closely in your day to day work with internal PR & Comms teams to help  define who we were, who we are now and who we want to be in the future, designing a powerful EVP that is part grounded in reality, part aspirational,  inspiring current and future team members to want to work here.


  • You have experience of building and leading global employer brand & recruitment marketing teams, in a fast-paced scale-up or large company environment

  • You believe in servant leadership and strive to make your team successful, giving credit for work well done while upholding a high performance bar

  • You love data and enjoy building processes, brand efforts and marketing campaigns that are optimized for best ROI, by way of hiring results

  • You have deep experience in leading strategy and creative direction via agencies, but also aren’t afraid to roll up your sleeves and do things yourself, shrewdly prioritizing when to use consultants and when to DIY

  • You astutely collaborate with the right partner teams, building trusted cross-functional relationships with Recruiting teams, DEI teams, PR & Comms and business functions.

  • You have ideally had experience within a talent acquisition function and deeply understand their work,, listening to their attraction challenges and supporting with custom-built solutions, continually stretching the boundaries with out-of-the-box ideas that help to more efficiently recruit

  • You thrive while in front of stakeholders, understanding their business goals, vs taking a back-office support role. You build impactful strategies that solve for their pain points.

  • You have experience of overseeing online and offline recruitment marketing campaigns, building out a compelling company story-telling content and other key parts of building a well-functioning employer branding function

  • You are an experienced negotiator, accustomed to identifying and managing cost-effective contracts with external vendors/ creative agencies

  • You are a compelling communicator, adept in building written investment cases and making influential verbal justification, in order to secure precious resources and budget


Our mission to empower local economies shapes how our team members move quickly, learn, and reiterate in order to make impactful decisions that display empathy. We are growing rapidly, which gives our team members the opportunity to share unique perspectives, solve new challenges and own their careers. We're committed to supporting employees’ happiness, healthiness, and overall well-being and to fostering a diverse, inclusive and sustainable environment. 





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