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Apr 19, 2023

Relocating to Finland with Wolt - Employees tell all

Relocation to Finland - Employees tell all

Relocating to another country can feel daunting but at Wolt we’re committed to making the process as easy and comfortable as possible. But don’t take our word for it, here are three real stories from people who’ve made the move to our HQ in Finland. ✈️

From Colorado to exploring the Finnish archipelago - hear it from our product lead Justin

I relocated to Finland from Colorado, U.S.,  in July 2022 with my wife and children. Wolt felt like an exciting place to work and I was keen to give my kids the opportunity to live in a different place and experience new cultures. 

Relocating felt a bit scary but Wolt was brilliant from the beginning. We were really contemplating between Berlin and Helsinki, but Wolt supported us with the decision making by giving us a chance to discuss with a relocation expert already during my interview process. We had loads of questions for example regarding schooling and administrative steps, that the relocation expert clarified for us. It was super important for me to be consulted already at this point of the process to be completely sure about our decision. Afterwards, Wolt also helped me with relocation admin like residency, schools and documentation on a series of calls before we relocated. We also were provided with a temporary apartment while we were finding our feet. 

When we arrived, it was a lot warmer than we expected - apparently it isn’t always cold and snowy!  Also surprisingly everyone spoke English,  which in the long term has actually made it quite hard to learn Finnish. Wolt didn’t just help with relocation before the move, they were also really active once we were on the ground with practical advice and settling in. And the funny thing is: on the first evening we arrived, we immediately ordered from Wolt - for the first time ever! 😄

What’s been a real surprise is the community feeling Helsinki creates. In the U.S. you are expected to pay for everything but the Finnish approach to taxes and governance means there are lots of free opportunities to explore like ice rinks in the winter and museums that are geared towards kids. 

Despite all the great things that relocation has brought, there have been some challenges as well. I’ve really missed my family and the landscapes of Colorado. Not having a car has been tricky as activities like skiing are only accessible if you drive. Also, as always when moving to a new country, daily life is full of questions that you don’t immediately have answers to. But that is normal when moving to another country with a different language and practices. 

But, ultimately I love it and my family does too. We’ve loved exploring nature, especially the beautiful beaches and archipelago around Helsinki. Also letting the kids play in the park after dark without parents around is really refreshing and not possible in many other capital cities. If I was going to sum up, I’d say the way to describe Finland’s approach to things is pragmatic. They are always looking for little solutions that make sense and make everyone's lives a little bit easier. We’re excited to see what the future holds for us here.

“We’ve loved exploring nature, especially the beautiful beaches and small islands around Helsinki. Also letting the kids play by themselves in the park is really refreshing and not possible in many other capital cities.”

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Finding the feeling of home - story of our team lead Dhimitra

I moved from Albania to Finland in 2021 for a new adventure and haven’t looked back. I’ve never felt like an immigrant here and as someone who moved alone, I’ve been really welcomed into the community and culture. 

I moved during Covid which could have made the process stressful, but Wolt helped to make it smooth from the start. They were super friendly and supported me with advice whenever I needed it. In addition to their support, I also wanted to do some research on my own to help me acclimatize and understand my new home! The whole process was smooth, fast and relatively easy.

I’d never been to Finland before and was blown away by the high standard of living, the services available, how kind everyone is, and in general how happiness is central to Finnish culture! Plus it’s not as cold as people think it is - for example Chicago in January is a lot colder than Helsinki! 

When people think of Finland, they usually think of winter but keep in mind that summer here is incredible! There is so much greenery, sunshine and of course, beautiful sunsets - you don’t need to go on vacation. Whenever I go traveling I always look forward to coming back.

My relocation hasn’t thrown up too many challenges but I've found it hard to learn Finnish as everyone speaks fluent English here. This means that I cannot fully enjoy Finnish cultural activities, as for example in the theater I struggle a bit to follow the plot.  But in the end it’s a small price to pay for everything else.

I love how honest, friendly and kind everyone is and how Wolt has given me the opportunity to grow here.

Finland really feels like home to me.

“Whenever I go traveling I always look forward to coming back."

Dhimitras photo for blog

From the heat of Singapore to the Finnish winter wonderland - software engineer Jihchi's relocation experience

I’m originally from Taiwan but I lived in Singapore before moving to Finland with my family in December 2021.

My relocation process was fast and effortless - the relocation agent provided by Wolt helped me with lots of questions and managed to smooth any bumps in the process as we went along. I feel like I got  guidance with almost everything; from where to live to how to use public transport. Wolt’s support really helped us to feel calm about the move as they were there to guide us at every step.

Finland was a cold shock when we arrived as we’d lived in a hot country for so long.❄️ It was magical to see the snow and it felt fresh and somehow familiar too which I took as a good sign. Besides the cold climate and higher cost of living, there is not a lot negative about living in Finland. I’ve enjoyed getting outside more than before as Finnish culture focuses a lot on nature and sunshine. Also, easy access to nature from the city has made it easier to enjoy the outside activities.  My experience of Finland has been safe, friendly and trusting. It’s a great place to live.

The relocation expert helped me with lots of questions and managed to smooth any bumps in the process as we went along.”

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