Strategy & Business Development

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When something in the business doesn’t work, we’ll fix it!  In a hyper-scale environment, there are always things to radically improve! We provide critical business support across 27 markets and all our business lines. We work very closely with Wolt’s main business leads, developing strategies that find the right balance between hypergrowth and profitability.

We lead various strategic initiatives, including incubating new business verticals (such as subscription services) and accelerating our speed (such as new major investments), as well as improving efficiency in our functions (such as finding more effective ways to do deliveries). We’re partners to our CEO and the management team when it comes to the most business-critical matters. So as you can imagine, the things we do have a high impact – and there’s never a dull moment!

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Our core focuses

Regional business support

Our 27 markets are split into geographic regions with Regional General Managers (RGMs) leading each one. We partner with RGMs to develop new strategies for our businesses and support rollouts in our countries. We’re ready to step into interim leadership positions within our business – if that’s best for Wolt!

Strategic focus areas

The common theme is that these are on the very top of Wolt’s agenda. Be it accelerating growth in our regions, incubating new business lines from zero, driving higher levels of efficiencies from our logistics, improving our pricing models or being active on M&A front, we’re leading the way there. As you can imagine, priorities constantly evolve in a fast paced environment like ours - if you’ll have what it takes to stay onboard and keep up with the speed, there will not be a boring day!

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Why choose Strategy & Business Development at Wolt

Move fast and make a real impact

We’re operating in a hyper-growth environment where execution is always more important than planning. We move fast, we’re on the frontline with the key business leads and we’re not afraid to get our hands dirty. When we identify an optimization opportunity, we conduct our analysis, travel to our countries, design tests with our local teams and rolling out in no time! We focus our time and energy on getting things done. We’re highly ambitious, but stay humble. We’re highly demanding, but lead by example. And we’re hard working, but keep things fun and relaxed.

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Work with things that matter

We work with stuff that actually shapes today and defines the future of Wolt, such as our portfolio strategy, new business lines and key efficiency initiatives. We’re detail oriented professionals, who always focus on the big picture and road ahead. Unless it’s at the top of Wolt’s agenda, we drop it.

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Own your stuff

We’re the CEOs of our own responsibility areas. We always think about the business and problems holistically, looking through the lens of a GM. We don’t spend our days obsessing and micromanaging a couple of KPIs, but own the full P&L together with our senior business leadership. 

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How much ground can you cover?

If you’re up for it, there are no limits on how much you can grow in your role. The spectrum of topics we’re working with covers the majority of the business, depending on what’s top of the agenda. Over a short period of time we develop a strong skill set of mastering the business of local commerce. As Wolt grows, so do the opportunities.

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Hear it from our people

It is a one-of-a-kind journey where you get the chance to build a product that changes the way we live and how our cities operate, and the best part is you get to see the results of your own work. Additionally, no two days are the same, which makes working at Wolt exciting. One day you could be designing a new pricing model while the next you are thinking of which new city could be the next place we offer our services to.

- Martin, Strategy Manager