We’re the Brand Experience team

Think of us as Wolt’s in-house creative agency and the guardians of the brand. Our job is to oversee and develop the whole brand experience across all products and services within the Wolt universe. 

As brand touches all parts of the business, we’re involved in everything from new city launches and business development to office branding and app design. But that’s just for starters!

We also do tons of other fun stuff like creating new mascots (our reindeer is called Yuho, by the way), designing limited edition merch and branding our company events. So there’s never a dull moment!

To sum up, here’s what we do: 

  • We set the ambition level for the brand across the company 

  • We take good care of the brand across the entire Wolt universe

  • We work closely with every business unit and market across the globe – creating all sorts of high-quality brand and marketing assets

  • We make sure every asset follows the guidelines to keep things consistent

  • We develop the brand to create a stronger emotional connection with people


So now you know the basics. Let’s break things down a bit.

Graphic Design

Our graphic design team brings creativity and artistry to our production work. They create top notch concepts and visual assets for all kinds of brand development projects and marketing campaigns. When the requests come in, the magic begins.

3D Design

The 3D design team oversees the creation of all 3D assets, including every character, object and environment within the world of Wolt. Our designers put tons of creativity and passion into their work, adding personality and charm to the Wolt brand.

Motion and Video Design

Our motion and video designers are a talented bunch – producing and localizing impactful video creatives for social media and online ads. They start with a concept and then use their motion graphics and video editing skills to bring it to life.

Art Direction

Art direction is all about developing our visual identity and providing overall art guidance – helping build a consistent brand everywhere. Not only do we create brand assets for different uses, we make sure every element we put out there looks and feels like Wolt.

Copy and Tone

We choose our words carefully – crafting messages that bring more life and personality to the brand. Whatever we say, it must always sound like Wolt. Our wordsmiths add originality and creative flair to the mix, making sure we always speak with one voice.

Brand Photography

Our brand photography is all about making Wolt more human and relatable. We create visual concepts and organize photoshoots on a global scale, working with stylists, set designers and photographers to produce high-quality images packed with emotion.

Brand Development & Management

This is really the backbone of the brand team – driving brand communication and efficiency to make sure everything runs smoothly. We like to take a more structured approach as this brings operational excellence to the business.

Creative Production

Every month our creative team produces a lot of magic – delivering hundreds of assets to our performance marketers. And these are ready-to-use designs that are localized in 20+ languages, like seasonal events and brand awareness campaigns.

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Wolt office people
People portrait
Wolt office people
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People working
People portrait
Wolt office people
People portrait
Wolt office people
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What we’re working on

Our focus is to build a world-class global brand and create the best possible experience for our customers and employees. This is what it’s all about, and it always will be.

When it comes to brand development, our team pushes for high quality and creative excellence in everything we do – whether it’s our 3D world, tone of voice and copywriting or lifestyle brand photography. And we work with the latest technologies and equipment to give us the best tools we need to succeed.

We balance two things at the same time: developing the global brand while keeping a hyperlocal focus. There’s one Wolt brand, but we always add a local flavor. 

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Why you should choose Brand Experience at Wolt

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Every voice is heard

  • A lot ownership and chances to speak up 

  • Everyone has an equal voice regardless of role

  • No strict hierarchy – cool projects are shared around

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We’re all about flexibility

  • Choose when and how to work 

  • A lot of room to learn: gain knowledge, skills and experience 

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We live for diversity in the Brand Experience team

  • Super international environment with tons of global experience

  • Over 15 nationalities on the team with many different languages spoken

  • We’ve built a diverse global brand team to reflect different cultures – bringing rich ideas and perspectives to the table

Hear it from our people

I am encouraged to think outside of the box and bring my experience from other industries into Wolt to shape the future. And that means, I get to walk out of the office every week with something new and a sense of achievement however small or big.

- Harry, Global Head of Brand Experience


As a designer, I make sure that our assets are diverse and inclusive, which is an important value for Wolt as a company, but also for me personally. A better brand, more demand! 💙

- Kia, Graphic Designer


I’ve had the opportunity to have my design work featured across all of Wolt’s media platforms and the app. I’m proud and thrilled to have my work seen by so many people. Working with the various Wolt teams around the world has been a great window into how our individual markets operate and has given me a new international perspective.

- Marcel, 3D Designer

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