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As a People Tech Development Manager, you'll immerse in the core of people-centric processes and services, exploring Workday Studio and tailored integration development including reporting. Your expertise in inbound and outbound integration, PECI, coupled with a thorough understanding of reporting tools and Workday Studio, is essential. Familiarity with Workday Connectors and EIBs is crucial, along with a solid grasp of process understanding and integration processes. You'll collaborate with global resources across diverse geographic locales for optimal solutions.

This role unveils the opportunity to create and sustain cross-system solutions, requiring a proven history in managing multi-system projects. With a seniority threshold of 5+ years, covering complex solutions, you'll also engage in unique collaborative endeavors with our US counterparts on overseas projects. You'll lead technological advancements in your responsibility zone, orchestrating functional areas, automation, and analytics. Your role encompasses cross-functional collaborations, autonomous development ventures, and successful solution deployments that streamline processes, enhance scalability, and enrich user experiences, and also provide advanced application service management and conduct training sessions. In your role, you will enhance HR reporting and analytics capabilities to unlock the full potential of HR data.

Key Responsibilities:

Integration Development:

  • Analyze and understand integration requirements in collaboration with stakeholders.
  • Design robust integration solutions connecting Workday with external systems.
  • Develop components using Workday Studio, EIB, Core Connectors, and other integration tools.
  • Conduct testing to ensure data accuracy, error management, and performance optimization.
  • Resolve integration-related issues and provide timely support to end-users.
  • Maintain comprehensive documentation of integration designs and processes.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to implement and enhance integrations.
  • Stay updated with Workday releases to effectively leverage new features in integration development.

Configuration & Development:

  • Actively participate in configuration and development within your responsibility area in People Tech, focusing on optimizing core processes in Workday.

Project Management:

  • Lead projects aligning with the People Tech roadmap to ensure successful execution.
  • Oversee development sprints for timely delivery of enhancements within your domain.


  • Play a crucial role in system implementations including configuration, testing, training, and successful deployment.

Our humble expectations

  • Adherence to industry standards and best practices to ensure confidentiality and integrity during integration.
  • Workday integration certification is a plus.
  • Experience with Workday Studio, Cloud Connectors, and reporting.
  • Strong process acumen, data mastery, and exceptional communication skills in English.
  • Problem-solving attitude, proactive approach, and organizational skills.
  • Previous experience in project leadership roles with high self-leadership skills and interpersonal competencies.

Next steps

If you are excited about working in a high-growth environment, taking ownership, and being part of an extremely ambitious team, then click below to apply and get the conversation going!

You will fit into a truly diverse team across 25 countries - what really matters to us is a caring and welcoming environment where we embrace uniqueness and celebrate diversity. Experience a company culture where we work on eye level, decisions are made quickly and knowledge sharing, as well as mentoring, is on our daily agenda.

What you’ll get by joining us

  • Opportunity to be part of building something exceptional, in an international environment
  • Lots of learning and growth in a globally scaling tech company
  • Along with a competitive salary, you will also be eligible for our stock option plan

If you have any further questions about the position, you can turn to:

Orsi Kocsis, Senior Talent Acquisition Partner - orsolya.kocsis@wolt.com

Please note that we do not accept applications sent by mail. You should submit your application through our careers website!

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