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Aug 21, 2023

Insider stories: Tips from our Sales Manager Germany

Gracia-Louisa Sales Manager Germany.png

Gracia-Louisa has recently joined our Sales Manager team in Germany and with only 1 month at Wolt, she is having a positive impact not only on the sales team but also, jumping right in to support the candidate experience and giving us an inside look at what her experience was like in the recruiting process. 

What valuable insights and knowledge have you acquired during the role-play assignment? 

The hiring managers made sure to clarify my doubts in a clear and well-structured manner. They went beyond by providing guidance on crucial aspects of the task, not solely focusing on delivery companies.    

The role play, in essence, served as a valuable preparatory tool for the position, giving me an initial glimpse into its demands. This was particularly evident in terms of the day-to-day responsibilities and the art of cold calling. 

Do you believe there are any growth or learning benefits you can derive from it, regardless of the final outcome?

Absolutely, without a doubt. You have to put yourself in the shoes of a sales manager, which is great because you have to evaluate different aspects of the sales process. I mean, each sales manager brings their unique style and personality into play, which extends to the job or, in this instance, the role-play.

While I've been engaged in sales throughout my whole career, the nature of calls and sales cycles can vary significantly based on companies and industries. However, the role-play allowed me to gain a deeper grasp of how a sales process operates in the context of food delivery.

But the main benefit is that I was able to get a better understanding of the impending role.  Engaging in the evaluation enables you to immerse yourself in diverse scenarios,  like when a partner says no, how do you approach the situation and how do you change his mind?   I found this experience highly rewarding and enjoyable. While I've conducted numerous evaluations in the past, none have been quite like this.

How does the assignment stage enhance your understanding of our company's culture and work environment?

It certainly provided me with an opportunity to delve deeper into Wolt's culture. Of course, this understanding is influenced by the interviewers themselves. It's up to them to effectively convey Wolt's cultural nuances and work practices. Depending on the information they share and how they present it, you can gain insights into the work atmosphere. For me, this aspect was quite evident.

Did you encounter any difficulties in understanding the role-playing or assignment requirements?

At first, to be honest, I had some uncertainty about the nature of the position and the associated expectations, but after talking to the hiring managers, I gained a solid understanding of what the upcoming call would entail. Which was great because I was transitioning from a different position, making this prior insight very valuable.  

From my point of view, being a newcomer to the restaurant sales and delivery industry, the sales process is different and more challenging than what I’ve experienced before, but that's what makes it more fun.

What motivated your decision to join the German Sales Team?

About three months ago, I received a message from someone at Wolt. The timing couldn't have been better, as I was actively seeking a job change. After receiving the message, I promptly replied, and within two hours, a call was already scheduled.

Interestingly, I was simultaneously engaged in another application process with another company also for a Sales Manager position but in a different sector. Despite this, I ultimately opted for Wolt. The positive image I held of Wolt, the dynamic work environment, the youthful and enjoyable company culture, along with their strong commitment to transparency, all captured my attention.  Also, the hiring process was very fast and flexible. Looking back, I have to say that I am very happy with my decision.

Do you have any suggestions on how we can enhance or improve the process for future candidates?

Having a contact person played a crucial role in my decision to join Wolt. I mean, all the communication was very well done, as I always had a point of contact available to assist me.  My messages were promptly responded to, which I really appreciated since it made me feel like I'm being heard. So keep doing this!

Do you have any recommendations for future candidates regarding the role play?

My advice is once you are doing the role-play, I recommend visiting Wolt's website. Look up the restaurants that collaborate with Wolt to gain a clearer understanding of the types of restaurants you should focus on.