Early careers

Kick-start your career at Wolt

We offer various programs in product development for students, recent graduates or self-taught learners. Whether you’re searching for an internship to complete your studies or a junior-level role to get started with your career, we’ve got you covered!

Our goal is to help you grow and show your full potential – all while enjoying your journey at Wolt. Keep on reading to find out more!

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What we offer at Wolt

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Hands-on work experience

It’s important for us that everyone gets to work on meaningful projects, no matter what their seniority may be. As we continue to grow, there are tons of things to do every day! We encourage you to roll up your sleeves and take ownership beyond the obvious.

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Support from colleagues

At Wolt, you’ll work autonomously but never alone. Your team lead and team members – along with a dedicated buddy or mentor – will support you in your journey. We also connect with colleagues from other teams through team activities and different Slack channels.

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Growth opportunities

We want you to grow with us. This is why we do our best to support you with your career development, for example through mentoring programs, training and e-learning platforms. Here you can build your own career path.

“It’s been amazing to witness people who joined our first internship program in 2018 taking on big challenges in senior roles today.

Now, many of them are a part of recruiting new interns and passing on the knowledge and learnings they have gained at Wolt.”

- Samuel Tervaskanto, VP of Engineering

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Our programs

Product Management internship

  • Organized yearly: the application period starts in the fall

  • Full-time for 3-4 months

  • Possibility of a long-term career path at Wolt

  • Based in Helsinki

Are you a student or a fresh graduate passionate about product management? Are you eager to experience the behind scenes of our Wolt products – all while getting familiar with product lead tasks and responsibilities? If yes, this internship might be just the right fit for you.

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Software Engineering internship

  • Organized yearly: the application period starts at the beginning of the year

  • Full-time for 4-6 months

  • Based in Helsinki, Berlin or Stockholm

  • Options to specialize in Frontend (e.g. Typescript, React), Backend (e.g. Python, Scala, Kotlin) or Mobile (Swift, Kotlin mobile)

  • Possibility of a long-term career path at Wolt

Are you a student, recent graduate or self-taught in computer science, IT or a related field? Are you ready to showcase your programming skills and take ownership beyond the obvious

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Data & Analytics internship

  • Targeted for aspiring BI developers, data analysts and data scientists

  • Organized yearly: the application period starts at the beginning of the year

  • Full-time for 4-6 months

  • Based in Helsinki

  • Possibility of a long-term career path at Wolt

If you’re a student, recent graduate or self-taught data enthusiast willing to start your career in analytics and data science, then this internship is for you. As a BI developer or data analyst intern, you’ll be using SQL and Python, whereas as a data scientist intern, you’ll get to work with machine learning in production. In both cases, you’ll play a huge role in enabling Wolt employees to make smarter, data-informed decisions.

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Hear it from our people

"I’m currently working on much bigger projects than I thought I would as an intern. At the moment, I’m working on a frontend application for our marketing department to support them with the analysis of audience performances."

- Hannah, current Software Engineering intern

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"At Wolt I learn something new every day since we use top-notch tools, stacks, and systems. I feel that one of the best things about Wolt is that it has excellent developers and bigger teams, so you get to see what all the other engineers do, as well as see different aspects of data."

- Valeri, previous intern and current BI developer

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"In product management you end up working on many things and learning about many different topics. I learned prioritization, project management, data analysis, communication, customer interviews and how Wolt works as a business."

- Niina, previous Product Management intern, current Product Lead

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“I never really felt like I’d be ‘just an intern’ in any way. From the beginning I was involved in our team’s projects, and I worked closely with my team."

- HyeSoo, previous intern and current Software Engineer

Product: HyeSoo, front-end developer

"If you are at an assignment stage in the interview process, give it all you can but don’t stress about it too much. Keep in mind that you're applying for an internship - nobody expects you to know everything. The recruiters in the company know what potential to look for."

- Samu, previous Design intern, current Motion Designer

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