The future is the default

We want to make IT invisible so that people can focus on doing their job. For that we assembled a group of hand-picked, passionate and highly skilled IT experts.  

We’re the superheroes who make things happen. Our special power is ‘invisibility’ – while we’re all about delivering excellent service, we prefer it when everything just works and no-one even notices we’re here. 

And by mastering the art of invisibility, it means we have more time for afternoon fikas (aka as the Swedish tradition where one takes a pause out of their day to enjoy a hot drink and a snack) which sure beats telling people to turn their machine off and on again!

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Our core focuses

Global IT Support

We handle the employee experience, covering things like rapid systems access and the onboarding and offboarding journey – plus, fascinating IT challenges our next-generation tech savvy workforce comes up with.

Global IT Operations

Connected anyplace, anytime, anywhere, right? Well, that’s our job! We take care of all infrastructure and networks across every Wolt office and Wolt Market store globally.

Automation and Delivery

In this hyper-growth environment, we need to scale fast and scale smart. Speed is a natural part of hypergrowth, and to do it smartly we automated everything. We develop and maintain the automation engine and machine learning model that drives the seamless experiences for things like the employee journey.

IT Compliance and Vendor management

Keeping us safe and in alignment with global standards defined through regulations and internal policies.The compliance teams work closely with central teams to have a company-wide perspective and ensure that IT is aligned. We’re here to stay on top of IT policies, deal with the adherence to all regulatory frameworks, maintain auditing and risk assessments, and manage licences and contracts.

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Wolt office people
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Wolt office people
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Wolt office people
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Why choose IT at Wolt

We’re building globally

We’re an international and multicultural team that all share the same passion for building things efficiently – technology is our passion! And as Wolt is growing at such a fast rate, it gives us lots of opportunities to take on new challenges together as we learn and develop as a team. 

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We’re building the IT of the future

We’re in an ideal position of being able to focus more on greenfield projects rather than maintain legacy systems. Everything is cloud-based – there are no onsite physical servers or active directories. This means we can be the invisible heroes that Wolt both needs and deserves.

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Things we love

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We do things until it's done and can be forgotten

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We do what's needed tomorrow

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We automate everything

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We have tech savvy co-workers

Hear it from our people

"I have helped to build most of our office and Wolt Markets Woltwide. By listening to our employees needs we aim to make the networks and office IT as easy as possible to use so that they can concentrate on their work rather than fighting with printers or slow internet."

- Tuomas, Global IT Operations Lead

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"Things change fast and you need to be ready to learn and adapt quickly. Along with fresh challenges everyday, I get to work with friendly and knowledgeable people. Everyone is pulling in the same direction which allows improvements to be implemented at a faster rate than other companies would think is possible."

- Mike, IT Delivery Lead


"I have been able to learn more in two years than I have previously been able to learn on my whole career! Our team leads are leaders by example and not just bosses in high towers watching charts. They teach, they care and oh boy they do deliver."

- Pasi, IT Specialist


"Wolt enables me to develop professionally and personally by giving me trust, respect and proper advice. For example, my manager gives me lots of opportunity for decision making on IT hardware for Japan."

- Jun, IT Specialist