Finance at Wolt

We’re here to take care of everything and anything related to Wolt’s finances – we manage the day-to-day receivables and payables as well as ensuring that we correctly report on the past in our financials and tax reports. Some might say, we even get to use our crystal ball to help our businesses to look ahead with budgeting, scenario modeling and cash forecasting. Quite cool stuff and we get to do this every day plus so much more!


Our core focuses


We oversee all invoices and cash application activities across all Wolt subsidiaries. This covers everything within the general ledger, as well as accounts receivable and accounts payable tasks.

Finance control

Our speciality is on the accounting principles, overseeing the bookings and performing the required reconciliations for our books. Working tightly with both our Accounting and Business control teams - ensuring the correctness of our numbers is our sacred duty.

Business control

we’re storytellers when it comes to interpreting the numbers and what they mean for the business, no matter if it’s good or bad stuff. It’s up to us to analyze the business’ performance, identify problems and guide our General Managers and group management on hitting financial targets.

Tax & Structures

We make sure that we pay the right amount of taxes at the right time - be it VATs, corporate income taxes or the like, we handle it. We’re also keen on guiding our businesses in how to build our legal entity footprint and also the tax admin that comes with it.


We support our subsidiaries in making sure they have sufficient funding to manage their business in whichever currency they are working with. And with many currencies at play, we’re here to ensure we are able to handle any risks that might be involved.

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What we're working on

Building an in-house accounting team

Up until recently, we’ve outsourced our accounting efforts but are now committed to building an in-house team that will take a centralised approach with end-to-end responsibility.

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Process optimizations and scalability

We continue to challenge the perception that finance is ‘rigid and manual’ and aim to push boundaries on more traditional ways of working. And so process optimization and scalability is second nature to us! 

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Liquidity management

The more we grow and expand our business, the better visibility and foresight we need to optimise our cash usage between our 20+ countries where we operate. Hence, making sure we a solid grasp of our current cash balances and upcoming funding needs is of high importance at the moment.


Why join Finance at Wolt

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We’re a diverse bunch

 Including a wide range of nationalities and a globally-spread team, we’re all about embracing collaboration and communication. And not just within our team, but across several other teams too. Afterall, this is what keeps us connected and makes us better at what we do. 

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We’re closely tied with Wolt’s growth. Like seriously, close.

While we get to build new things as the company grows, we also get to use our financial skills to estimate the future and how our growth impacts the business from a financial perspective.

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We have huge responsibility and ownership

Joining our team means embracing new ideas and owning your workload. It could be as simple as a quick scalability sanity check or as big as modelling our company-wide financials for the upcoming years. 

Hear it from our people

At Wolt, nobody is going to stop you from taking responsibility and challenging yourself if you want to do so. There is no precedent for many of the things that we are working on and that creative problem-solving aspect of my job is something that I definitely enjoy a lot.

- Tuomas, Senior FP&A Manager


I get ownership over my areas and maximum trust, which motivates me to make my tasks even better. I'm involved in a very wide range of projects and responsibilities, so I can be proud of the flexibility and knowledge I gained at Wolt. My team mates are very friendly and my leaders are real role models in open, respectful and supporting behaviour.

- Alexandra, Team Lead, Accounting


How does Wolt enable you to develop professionally and personally?Wolt has set a very high bar for employment, ensuring that Wolt employees are not only the best at what they do but have similar values as Wolt's. This translates to working with a group of individuals who are not only really good at their jobs but from whom you can learn and who are always willing to share, support and socialize. Professionally it is amazing to be able to constantly develop your career through learning from other professionals but personally the positivity, friendliness and all inclusive culture just rubs off!

- Mushu, Financial Controller