Bringing Wolt to people around the world

Ever wondered what it’d be like to travel around the world for a living? Well, that’s our reality! But that’s not it. In a nutshell, our job is to bring Wolt to more people around the globe. We’re known to live out of a suitcase for most of the year as we spend 200+ days a year on the road exploring and launching new countries. 

In addition to scoping and launching new countries, we launch new business lines such as our online grocery delivery concept (Wolt Market). 

We look after everything from the go-to market strategy, hiring & onboarding country teams, working on pricing models, working with legal and tax partners, all the way to negotiating with the first merchants and even delivering orders ourselves.


Our core focuses

Expansion Managers

The generalists who know quite a bit about every part of our business. This crew travels to potential new countries and conducts “greenlight” trips to help us decide if we should launch a country. Once a green light is received, they start working with local advisors on everything that is needed to set up a business. They’re also responsible for establishing payroll and local agreements, as well as working with our HQ teams on product localization, hiring plans, and much more. Expansion Managers lead the launches and are leaders to the local teams until a local General Manager is onboarded.


The specialists who know everything about one of the core pillars that make up our business; merchants, couriers and customers. Launchers work closely with Expansion Managers to hire and onboard local team members the Wolt way. They also ensure that we have the first merchants onboarded, first couriers ready and the best customer service that the country has ever seen. Once done, they jump straight to the next country!

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Wolt office people
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Wolt office people
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Wolt office people
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Why choose Expansion at Wolt

Lifelong learning lesson

Our job touches every part of setting up and running a business. Joining our team means you’ll get to wear many hats and take charge of market research and strategy building so that Wolt can win in our new markets. You might work on compliance topics, app localization, build marketing plans and hire the best talent for Wolt - all in one week.

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You see the impact of your job

After spending 6-12 months launching a new country and you’re finally on the last flight out of there, you’ll get emotional as you realize the impact you’ve made.

It’ll all start to sync in that you’ve brought Wolt to all these people; you’ve hired the local team and brought them together, you’ve helped local merchants with their business and you’ll hear them thanking you for that, you’ll see couriers smiling because they have a great job that pays fairly, you’ll see customers praising the service and asking themselves how they were able to live without Wolt. Then it really hits you and you understand that your job is impactful. And these are the things that keep you going. 


Things that matter to us

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Hard work while having fun

Our job is often described as taking a one way ticket to a country and returning home once the job is done. Owning a country launch is a massive responsibility and a lot of work. But one of the most rewarding parts of it is that we have a lot of fun doing it!

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We’re always racing against the clock as every second counts. But we know that launching without compromising on quality can be a tricky balance. So everything from hiring, local bureaucracy, merchant negotiations to pricing and marketing plans is done with perfect quality and unseen speed. 



One of the most important parts of the job is what we call cultural injection. This means finding the first people in every country that share similar values and showing them the Wolt way of working; being humble but thinking big, doing good by others, willingness to teach and learn, obsessing about quality and understanding that doing common things uncommonly well is the key to success.

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We spend quite a bit of time by ourselves in new countries as it gives us the opportunity to put ourselves into the shoes of the locals. Being down on the ground is extremely important, and creating your own ‘local life’ is pretty much up to you. When you wake up everyday, you get to decide what things should be prioritized for the day. 

Hear it from our people

You are constantly building something new without ready made answers and you do this with a smart group of people. We also make mistakes sometimes, learn from those and then fix them.

- Patrik, Senior Launcher

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I’m an International Expansion Manager and I have helped our company launch Wolt Market in new countries. It's been unexpectedly challenging yet extremely exciting, fun and inspiring!

- Yoshimi, Expansion Manager

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Wolt has the brightest minds in the world. Then there's the extreme ambition where being the biggest and the best is the only option. Combine this with ridiculous speed, high autonomy and constant support from everyone around, and you have what many would call "mission impossible". But when you have people like this on the same mission, you go forward by learning, fast.

- Tony, Director of Expansion

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