It’s story time

We’ve got quite a story to tell. If you’re sitting comfortably, then we’ll begin.

Get to know us

We’re a tech company from Finland best known for our delivery platform. In 2015 we started with restaurant food and over time we added groceries, gifts and other items. Now it’s possible for people living in hundreds of cities across 27 countries to get whatever they need, delivered quickly and reliably to their front door. We try to make every city we enter a better place – and by that we mean happier customers and partners. We’re also really proud to have the #1 rated delivery app across the app stores. But we’re only just getting started.


Wolt in numbers

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Wolt through the years


Wolt was founded in Helsinki

  • We had six in the founding team, with five focusing on product development.
  • Our first office wasn’t fancy. It was a 10 m2 space in central Helsinki and we were all there together in one room for the first 9 months. Somehow, we made it work!


Our first delivery in Helsinki

  • 14 employees by the end of September.
  • We raised €2.5m seed round of financing. 
  • We moved to a bigger office, right under Supercell’s HQ in Ruoholahti (next to the city center).
  • The head of the App Store paid us a special visit after we launched – something that was pretty unheard of for a company our size. We took it as a compliment!

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Expansion to Sweden and Estonia

  • 60 employees by the end of September.
  • We raised €10m in the “A-round” of financing – led by EQT Ventures.


Expansion to Denmark, Latvia and Lithuania

  • 86 employees by the end of September.
  • We replaced 3rd party tools with our own courier apps and backend logistics.

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Expansion to Croatia, Czech Republic, Norway, Hungary, Georgia, Israel and Poland

  • 223 employees by the end of September. 
  • We entered our hyper-growth phase, going from 100 to 300 people by the end of the year.
  • We raised €27m in the “B-round” of financing – led by 83North.

Wolt one 2018

Expansion to Serbia, Greece, Azerbaijan, Slovakia, Slovenia and Kazakhstan

  •  569 employees by the end of September. 
  • We partnered with South Pole to compensate for all the CO2 emissions from Wolt deliveries, dating back to our first delivery.
  • We raised €115m in the “C-round” of financing – led by ICONIQ Capital and Highland Europe.

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Expansion to Cyprus, Malta, Japan and Germany

  • 1430 employees by the end of September. 
  • We added groceries and retail to the Wolt app.
  • We made sure ordering through Wolt was as safe as possible, like no-contact deliveries.
  • We launched our first Wolt Market store in Finland.
  • We raised €100m from existing investors and Goldman Sachs Growth Equity and €7.7m from Delivery Hero’s co-founder Lukasz Gadowski.


Year of Retail and Wolt Market

  • 3740 employees by end of September
  • We doubled down on retail and onboarded new partners, developed new tooling for the merchants, like Wolt Picker App, and accelerated our plans with our delivery-only stores, Wolt Market.
  • We raised $530 million in financing. ICONIQ Growth led the round while Tiger Global, DST, KKR, Prosus, EQT Growth and Coatue joined as new investors. 83North, Highland Europe, Goldman Sachs Growth Equity, EQT Ventures and Vintage Investment Partners from Wolt’s existing investors also participated in the round.
  • We entered a definitive agreement whereby DoorDash and Wolt were joining forces, resulting in the transaction that was closed in May 2022. 

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Joining forces to serve customers across the globe

  • Wolt and US-based DoorDash joined forces with the closing of the transaction on May 31, 2022. Our CEO, Miki Kuusi leads all of DoorDash’s international business in the 26 countries outside of the US.

Yuho Door Dash - 2022

We think our work is meaningful. We hope you do too.

We make cities better

And by better, we mean happier people all across the city. Happier businesses with more customers and sales than ever before. Happier courier partners who can choose their own hours and be their own boss. And happier customers who now spend less time shopping and cooking, and more time doing the things they love.


We help local businesses thrive

Teaming up with Wolt brings new customers and added sales to businesses of all sizes. And as we do the heavy lifting, there are only upsides for restaurants, stores and retailers. Take restaurants, for example. Our partner surveys show that 9 out of 10 Wolt orders are new sales restaurants wouldn’t have otherwise got.

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We offer courier partners a flexible way to earn

Our courier partners enjoy more chances to earn, flexible hours and the best support around. They can work full-time or do a few hours here and there – it’s their call. Either way, our partners decide what works for them. We’re proud to team up with over 100,000 courier partners, and even prouder to get a 4.1/5 score in our latest satisfaction survey.

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We give customers more time for other things

Wolt takes all the hassle out of cooking and shopping. Walking to the store, carrying heavy bags, making dinner…it all adds up. Our customers can get whatever they need right to the door – giving them more time with the family, more time for hobbies and more time doing nothing at all.


We take our responsibilities seriously

As a fast-growing company, it’s essential we take responsibility for our actions and our impact on the world around us. From carbon-neutral deliveries to helping feed the homeless and excluded, see how we’ve played our part in making cities and the planet better. We know there’s more we can do, but it’s a good start.