Compensation & Benefits

Thanks a lot for your interest in our Sales Manager role in Germany! We’re so excited to get to know you better and to share more about the role, team, and of course, the compensation package you’d receive if we’re a good match for each other. 

Your compensation as a Sales Manager in Germany is made up of three elements:

Base salary + Commission + Equity

How does this work?

When joining Wolt, your compensation will be a combination of three elements: fixed salary, commission, and equity.

In addition to your fixed salary, you’ll take part in our monthly commission plan, along with equity from Wolt (Doordash). The commission package will be tailored to your salary, making it a substantial boost to your fixed earnings. To illustrate, if you’d join us as a Sales Manager, your compensation package would include a 60-40 split, signifying 60 % fixed salary + 40 % commission if the targets are being met. You have the potential to earn more or less commission depending on your target achievement. Alternatively, if you’d join our team as a lead, the split would be 80-20, with 80 % fixed salary and 20% commission as on target earning.


What is equity?

Equity is a crucial component of our compensation package, designed to reward you with ownership in Wolt (Doordash) while providing you the opportunity to partake in the success of both companies! It means you will be holding shares of our company’s stocks as part of your annual compensation package.


How do you benefit from equity?

Through equity and shares of Wolt (Doordash), our employees have the possibility to get a tangible reward for helping us grow into a bigger and better company. When Wolt (Doordash) does well, you stand to gain financial benefits reflecting the outstanding efforts you put in while being a part of our team.

Once you become one of our employees, you’ll receive more information about equity in the month following your start date. In case you have any questions, rest assured, our dedicated Equity team is here to address all of your inquiries. 🙌

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There's even more!

And.. there is even more! Besides your compensation package encompassing these three elements, we want to make sure that you have both the time and opportunities to recharge your batteries and enjoy yourself outside of work as well. 💃

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Benefits available to our new employees in Germany


Wolt credits cashback benefit


Urban sports club discount


Subsidized public transportation BVG


Employee assistance program


Weekly FIKA


FutureBens Discount Program


Fruits & drinks at the office


Wolt-wide Training Program


Quarterly team budgets

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30 days vacation per year

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Pension scheme bAV


No dress code

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Remote working and flex time

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HQ in the heart of Berlin