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Helsinki, Finland


Analytics at Wolt is a business-critical competence team that covers business intelligence, data science, and data analytics. In total, we are a team of 45+ professionals working from Finland, Sweden, Germany, and Estonia all united by our excitement to put Wolt’s valuable data assets into everyday use.

Now we are looking for a Senior Data Analyst to join us in Helsinki, Berlin, or Stockholm.

A look into the Data Analytics at Wolt

Whereas data science at Wolt focuses on machine intelligence (think machine learning (ML) models deployed to our product & technology) data analytics focuses on human intelligence. What this means is that our data analysts first and foremost strive to gain actionable insights from all available data that support the decision-making in teams they work with. In other words, data analysts are expected to be the objective advisors who base their findings and recommendations on data and solid data analysis methods. 

Data analysts at Wolt work as embedded in a team on one particular domain at a time. This means they are working as close as possible where the decisions are made (i.e. in product development teams or marketing or finance etc.) and hence get to participate in decision-making themselves. 

About the role

Will I have to build dashboards? You can go with python/R notebooks and presentations only but our Looker platform is at the moment the handiest way to share your (scheduled to refresh) results to a bigger audience. We do think traditional BI dashboards are great in monitoring our business and benefit data analysts with automating data visualisation work and inspiring new hypotheses/questions. 

Will I spend 80 % or more of my time in data plumbing/wrangling? We hope not but often the data analyst knows best what transformations and derived datasets they need. In those cases the most efficient way is to work with our python/SQL based ETL tooling and do the work yourself. 

I want to use machine learning methods in my work. Should I pursue the data science path? Many data analysts at Wolt do utilise ML methods in their work. The main difference between a model built by a data scientist and data analyst is the audience, purpose and scale of the model. A model by a data analyst should support the decision making of stakeholders (insights that people can discuss about) whereas a model by a data scientist is expected to be deployed and do millions of decisions as part of our product (think personalisation or time estimates in our consumer app). So if ML models for you are (just) tools that assist in generating insights then being a data analyst is definitely the path for you. 

I’ve never worked in a tech company and done A/B testing. Is this a blocker for me in becoming a data analyst? Indeed as we are curious people and have digital products we often conduct randomised controlled experiments (a.k.a A/B tests). This obviously requires understanding of statistics so that we can recognise true signals from the noisy real world data. These skills are highly appreciated but also something we are willing to teach you. So all you need is the desire to learn.

What we offer

• The online delivery platform that Wolt is building will offer you interesting and complex challenges but also opportunities to create a big impact with your skills. Lots of geolocational and temporal data in real-time combined with differences in the economics and dynamics of the cities we operate in make Wolt both challenging and oh so interesting company to practice analytics. 

• You can choose the location from our tech hubs Helsinki, Berlin and Stockholm, or you can work entirely remotely anywhere in Finland, Germany, Sweden and Estonia. You have the chance to decide the ways of working —· a hybrid, at the office, or remote within the location above. 💙 Read more about our remote setup

• You would get to work in a company culture where we take ownership beyond the obvious, do common things uncommonly well, we think big but stay humble, do right by people, we treat others kindly and justly, recognise that if we don’t learn, we won’t stay still but fall behind and keep in mind that Luke was Yoda’s greatest achievement. Read more about how we work

Our humble expectations

• 5+ years of experience in a data science or analytics position within an industry or research setting.

• Expertise in statistical analysis, including hypothesis testing, experimentation, and regression analysis using statistical software packages in Python, Matlab, R, or equivalent.

• Proficiency in writing structured and efficient SQL queries for large data sets.

• Have prior experience building intuitive data visualizations and dashboards that influence business decisions, utilizing tools like Tableau, Mixpanel, Looker, or similar.

• Relentless pursuit of new ideas and data sources, and have the ability to systematically tackle ambiguous problems with a data-driven, hypothesis-based approach.

• Most importantly data analysts are expected to be skilled in exploratory data analysis and in analysing the data in an unbiased way (e.g. prefer to look at distributions instead of just averages or checking what unsupervised clustering produces before coming up with rules for a rule-based segmentation).  

Next steps

The position will be filled as soon as we find the right person, so make sure to apply as soon as you realize you really, really want to join us!

The compensation will be a negotiable combination of monthly pay and DoorDash RSUs. The latter makes it exceptionally easy to be excited about our company growing and doing well, as you’ll own a piece of the pie.

For any further questions about the position, you can turn to Product+ Talent Acquisition Partner - Zhanna Filintseva (zhanna.filintseva@wolt.com)

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You're welcome to send us supporting docs, e.g. a resume and a cover letter. Please only submit PDF files.

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