Hey, you look like you might be our new  Global Head of Strategy & Business Operations - New Verticals

Strategy & Business Development

Helsinki, Finland


Role background

The New Verticals team is all about expanding Wolt beyond Restaurants, and helping deliver anything our Customers want with unprecedented convenience and world leading customer experience. We want to make Wolt, the best place to order your groceries, convenience, pharmacy, electronics, home, pet stores, clothing and other retail goods. Our vision is to make Wolt the world’s best shopping mall, in your pocket.

We at Wolt have a slightly different take on what a strategy team delivers, compared with traditional, larger corporations.  It’s a little more hands-on work (don’t worry, it just makes it all the more exciting!). We work closely together with cross-functional teams to ensure that we have solid organic and inorganic growth plans, that we execute those perfectly in our country operations and disseminate best practices across the organization, with the aim of reducing the growth pains of rapid scaling (it always hurts when you grow >3x per year!).

In this role, you’ll be leading what is effectively our “General Manager Advisory” across our 25 markets. All countries have nuances, with their own quirks, but there are many common threads in the tactics and strategies we can use to grow and become more profitable.

Your job is to first become a trusted advisor to the GMs (General Managers) and Heads of Sales, then help them define their short- to mid-term strategies, and work on the most difficult business problems they have together, encouraging the various countries to pilot initiatives and learn from one another. In this role, you will have a small team to support you but you’ll be both the leader and the analyst. Over time you’ll build a wider team of brilliant, bar-raising individuals to help you succeed.

We’ve over the years learned that there is an abundance of strategic thinkers out there, but for this role we need a strategic doer. This may sound a bit fuzzy, so let’s explain this in practice: we have data on anything and everything, and thus we can and will make every decision through analysis. What we don’t need is death by Powerpoint. Planning must be decisive, quick and efficient, and then we move on to the real challenge of execution.

What you’ll be doing

  • Our business - at its core - is technology and automation combined with real-time logistics. You can think of it as a machine. Your first 2-4 months will probably be spent on learning how this machine works.
  • That means studying market intelligence, the nooks and crannies of our business model, our data structure, and our growth and profitability drivers.
  • Once you get up to speed, we’ll start looking at tactical plans: short- to mid-term improvement projects in country businesses, organic and inorganic expansion paths, KPI stack development, tweaks in the operating model etc.
  • Through all this you’ll build a strong relationship with our General Managers - you’ll become their trusted advisor. Ultimately you’ll be the person they turn to with their most tricky business problems.
  • Finally, you’ll recruit and lead a world-class team. This is probably the most challenging, but also the most rewarding task.

Our humble expectations

  • Extensive experience from strategy and/or BD, whether through in-house roles or strategy consulting.
  • Brilliant data analysis skills. In the context of Wolt this means analytical thinking and solid Excel skills. However you would find VBA, SQL and Python useful as well.
  • Natural tendency for ownership: we grow quickly, everyone has too much stuff to do, and just because something’s not in your job description doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it.
  • Ability to lead through others - rallying senior leaders globally to pull together on shared goals & strategic initiatives
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills in English. You’ll be working at a rapid pace with 25+ country teams across several time zones -- it’s not easy ;-)
  • Experience in hiring and motivating brilliant individuals, and experience in driving team engagement and collaboration
  • Experience from high-growth VC/PE-backed companies is a plus.
  • Fluency in English.

Next steps

If you are excited about working in a high-growth environment, taking ownership, and being part of an extremely ambitious team redefining grocery shopping, then click below to apply and get the conversation going!

We will be reviewing applications on an on-going basis, so if this sounds like an opportunity you want to pursue, apply today!

If you have any further questions about the position before submitting an application, you can turn to: Caroline Sørensen, Talent Acquisition Partner - caroline.sorenson@wolt.com

Please note that we do not accept applications coming through email due to GDPR. Make sure to apply through our careers page!

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