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We鈥檙e looking for an experienced Design Director to join the Consumer mission!

The Consumer Group is responsible for developing the consumer-facing products at Wolt across all the 23 countries Wolt is active in, across both web and mobile platforms. The mission is to master the user experience while scaling up the platform to enable delivering a mall in your pocket. We鈥檙e humbled and proud to say our apps have the industry鈥檚 highest ratings in the App Store (4.8) and Google Play (4.6). We believe that a great user experience enables healthy top line growth. We make sure our users find the right content from the platform and convert. We are here for the long term by retaining our customers and keeping them engaged.

What We鈥檙e Looking For

The core skills of our design leaders are to coach, bridge and direct the function of design. This means, you are both a highly experienced manager and practitioner who can help push things in the right direction.

  • Coach
    • Coach designers to become their very best. This means you train and mentor your designers to get better in their craft and everything else related to the profession: how to think, how to collaborate, how to negotiate, how to communicate, how to present, how to sell, how to ship, how to recruit, and how to manage.
    • Dedicate time to coaching your team in weekly 1:1 meetings, where you鈥檒l check-in on their development and provide any feedback on their performance.
    • Dedicate time to coaching your team as a group, either in design crits or hosting learning workshops.
  • Bridge
    • Comfortable talking to C-level executives, whether it鈥檚 to explain the rationale behind design decisions or to make the case for spending money, whether on people or resources.
    • Coordinate with product leads, business leads, technology leads, and people in other functions in order to make sure your teams鈥 work is appropriately integrated with the larger whole.
  • Direct
    • Beyond enabling the function of design to be effective, the purpose of our design leaders is to amplify the voice of design and create a common vision that directs teams towards a common goal or north star.
    • We do this by listening to our team, the other departments, and absorbing the existing company goals, beliefs and strategies.


As several of our key stakeholders are based in our HQ in Helsinki, we hope you are willing to frequently visit the office in Helsinki or be located there.

We support remote work and in this role, you can work from anywhere in Finland, Sweden, Germany, Denmark or Estonia. Read more about our new remote set-up here.

Our humble expectations

What you鈥檒l do

  • Shape the design vision of the products we make and create the necessary space for others to collaborate on reaching it.
  • Establish and drive high design standards that elevate the quality of the products we build.
  • Help to grow a scaling team by establishing best practices in design management and employing useful design frameworks.
  • Partner with stakeholders and other disciplines to facilitate successful collaboration and delivery within agile teams.
  • Lead a team of designers through the successful delivery of initiatives that often involve business stakeholders, product, tech and research.
  • Manage a multi-disciplinary design team, supporting them in achieving their career goals, as well as coaching them to develop further.
  • Navigate requirements and user needs to steer creative solutions that meet strategic goals.


Who you are

  • You have extensive experience leading design teams with a variety of crafts (visual, interaction, writing, research, etc.) at consumer-focused product organisations that feature strong value propositions and high tech service integrations.
  • You have experience leading, mentoring, and managing designers to help grow their skills in research, design, ideation, innovation and systematic thinking.
  • You are a leader with practical design chops. You鈥檝e shipped many consumer products over the years, and understand what it takes to create awesome, customer-oriented experiences.
  • You鈥檙e a fantastic communicator. You have the communication skills to help you work cross-functionally with business stakeholders, and are able to motivate others to execute on a strategy even when you are not in the room.
  • You have a user and data-focused design mentality. You are constantly looking to hone your teams instincts through user feedback and data insight. You understand the role and importance of qualitative and quantitative methodologies and also when to go with your gut.
  • You are familiar and comfortable working within and contributing to large design systems that you may or may not own directly. Balancing the needs of the larger design ecosystem with the local goals of your product area.

Next steps

The position will be filled as soon as we find the right person, so feel free to apply as soon as you feel like hearing more about the position and potentially joining Wolt! Please kindly make sure to include your portfolio with your application!

The compensation will be a negotiable combination of monthly pay and equity. The latter makes it exceptionally easy to be excited about our company growing and doing well, as you'll own a piece of the pie.

If you want to check up on your application or have any further questions about the position, you can turn to Talent Acquisition Partner Elisa Haikala at elisa.haikala@wolt.com at any given time.

Apply now

Basic information


You're welcome to send us supporting docs, e.g. a resume and a cover letter. Please only submit PDF files.

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    Product: Juan, Data - portrait
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